Proper Use Of Wood

Home-Appliances If you are thinking about purchasing a Wood Stoves , it is important that you know about how to properly use it. It is not all about putting chopped wood in it and then starting a fire. A wood stove is typically made of a solid steel, cast iron or soapstone. It has a grate and an air controller. It is connected to a chimney with the help of a stove pipe so that the smoke coming out of the wood stove will be directed outward the house. The main function of the solid casing is of course to protect and maintain the fire inside. It also helps in the convection of heat from the fire inside to the air outside it. The grate serves as the mount for the wood and at the same time separates the ashes from the burning wood. The openings in the grate allows air to flow from beneath the log upward, hence the fire will not easily be extinguished due to lack of air. Finally we have the adjustable air controller. This is available for closed wood stoves. As its name implies, it functions as an adjuster or controller for air. The more air is allowed, the bigger the fire while allowing lesser air will produce a smaller fire. You must remember that just because you have a wood stove doesnt mean you can burn any wood. Do not use wood from freshly cut trees, because this type would have 60% to 90% of moisture. Having this much moisture would make it harder for you to start a fire, if not at all. The best type of wood to use is the hardwood, which fall under broad-leafed trees. This type of wood will burn at a much slower rate than evergreen trees which are softwoods. It is also important to note that you should not leave the air controller fully open; else this will result to over-firing which will eventually damage the stove. Visit .ibuywoodstoves.. to find out further information about wood stoves. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: