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FIFA president highly appreciated the "video playback technology" – Sports – original title: FIFA president highly appreciated the "video playback technology" Xinhua sports news Rome September 2nd the French team in the 1 friendlies in a 3:1 victory over the Italy team, FIFA President Hussein Van Tino 2, praised the video playback technology in the trial in the game, that it "has opened a new chapter of history". "This is the first time we use video playback at a high level of international competition, and we take a closer look at it and think it’s worth looking forward to," he said. A total of two games to use video playback, very helpful." Hussein Van Tino said. Law enforcement in France and Italy in the friendly against Holland referee Kuipasi audience wearing a headset, to maintain contact with the relevant staff of video playback system, and video playback technology used in fourth minutes the French player Sibedi of Italy player De Rossi foul. He said: "I was in between the yellow and red cards hesitated, video playback technology in 9, 10 seconds to help me do the judgment, yellow card is enough. This is very meaningful." Hussein Van Tino Hope video playback can serve as referee’s video assistant, in 2018 the Russian football World Cup in full use. "If you can use it, the entire football world will cheer, video playback system will help referees in the world’s largest competition law enforcement more fair." Hussein Van Tino admits the video playback system is expensive, but it’s worth it". "It’s a lot of money, but it’s worth it. We also need to use this technology. We can help the referee to make fewer mistakes and protect the fairness of the game. It’s worth it." Hussein Van Tino said: "we need technical intervention to help referees make football more perfect. If we don’t try, we’ll never know if it works. Video playback technology will never be perfect, but it will help clarify many things." However, FIFA referee Busacca committee chairman warned that the referee must stay sharp and judgment, not "if I doubt people will decide for me" this idea, that’d be too dangerous. (commissioning editor Hu Xuerong and Yang Lei)相关的主题文章: