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No longer do Philippines pawn — military — Foreign Minister of Philippines in the United States through the 6 father Josiah adhered the Philippine foreign ministry website issued a statement stressed that the Philippine government will get rid of dependence on the United States, to pursue an independent foreign policy, the Philippines no longer do American pawn. The statement said, although the United States allowed the independence of Philippines, but over the years has been through the "invisible chains" and "let Philippines act tough and talk soft" policy, the "Brown boy" to continue to rely on and surrender to the United States, for the interests of the United states. Philippines and China due to disputes in the South China Sea Philippines against each other, needs the help of the US, the United States has been on "whether the scope of cover area of the South China Sea is not clear anti mutual defense agreement" in Philippines, which is quite disappointing. The statement said, over the years the United States of Philippines has been taking the carrot and stick policy, forcing Philippines to succumb to U.S. demands and interests. President Duthel Te will re adjust foreign policy and lead Philippines to the path of independent diplomacy for national interests. The statement stressed that the Philippines is no longer a pawn of American interests, from dependence on the United states. Philippines’s president Duthel Te in October 2nd ordered the review of the Philippines and the United States signed in 2014 to strengthen defense cooperation agreement, does not rule out the possibility of the withdrawal of all U.S. troops from Philippines. Duthel Te called on the international community not to interfere in the internal affairs of Philippines. 4, 2009, Duthel Te said again, to adjust foreign policy, and ultimately may be in the United States and break up". (Zhao Zhongwen) ((Intern), commissioning editor: Wang Lujia Yan Jiaqi)相关的主题文章: