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Paul Wong cross play painting for the first time, the visual arts exhibition will open the star cross-border seems to be nothing new, cross-border catering, cross-border clothing brand. Now a generation of rock and roll male god Paul Wong also began to cross the border, but also playing the art of painting. 3 points in the afternoon of November 1st, (Beijing) sponsored by Blue Fashion Culture Communication Co., Ltd. Kay art entertainment, with "sensual Quanrong" as the theme of the Paul Wong visual art exhibition will be in Beijing City, Chaoyang District cross-border Gaobeidian China catering Park Building No. 2 No. A4 lane space development, this is the first time Paul Wong in music creation the identity outside the artist identity to open their own exhibition. Paul Wong, Hongkong Chinese Chanticleer rock band Beyond’s lead guitarist, worked with other members of the band together with the creation of "glory days" "as boundless as the sea and sky" and "really love you" many classic songs, and won the eighth session of the Ten Songs Award, twelfth session of the ten Chinese Golden Melody award. After the dissolution of the band, their music career officially launched Paul Wong, has released a solo album "EP", I in the presence of a madman "practice", "practice" by madman won the annual World Music Awards nominated my favorite male singer, making our own public establishment, works for other singers. In April 9th this year, he also held a solo concert in Hongkong Longwan international trade and Exhibition Center STAR HALL star. In fact, in addition to the singer, Paul Wong has another identity – the painter who works outside the artist. Graduated from the design department of Hong Kong Polytech University Paul Wong childhood love painting, with help from the band Beyond is attached to the concert poster design start. After joining the band, Paul Wong still keeps his hobby of painting, but also works as a band. The "sensual Quanrong" as the theme of the visual arts exhibition, Paul Wong is a painter for the first time outside the cross-border music identity of the exhibition, showing paintings by famous international art curator Vincenzo Sanfo · certainly, the direction of future development of visual art Paul Wong, Vincenzo · Sanford; also gives guidance and advice. Vincenzo · Sanford, chairman of the Italy cultural center, initiated and organized the Rembrandt, Renoir, Picasso, Miro, Chagall, Baselitz, forfaiting, Kutcher and mimault · exhibition masters such as Palladino, and from 1988 began to participate in the Venice Biennale and the Venice Film Festival planning. He certainly no doubt represents Paul Wong’s successful start from music to painting. By the Milan fashion week, Milan design week recommended more than internationally renowned designers, has also begun to set up cross-border brand planning and Paul Wong. Paul Wong Herr Dana and the art of crossover project planning of Italy culture and Art Center chairman Vincenzo Sanfo Mr. · Herr Dana Paul Wong Paul Wong to discuss planning middle print writing number and signature as music curator curatorial consultant creative right left a full open exhibition.相关的主题文章: