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"Outstanding Chinese reason": an American diplomat China notes – Sohu "reading religious education we take the form of reading and interpretation of" the Bible ", recite some hymns as well as part of the" New Testament "in paragraph. However, the role of this kind of indoctrination in my body is not as effective as my father. In my mind, I’m not against this kind of education. At the age of 12, while we were on vacation, we lived in Ou Bolin, Ohio. My parents told me that I had reached the age of reason, the ability to make a reasonable choice to comply with my heart, I should make a decision to become a Christian, baptized. Because my parents are Baptists, they think such as the Anglican Baptist baptism point actually evade Christ’s advice about baptism. For me, I was baptized in the baptism of the congregation in front of. "Oracle" series? China outstanding edge: an autobiography "clicking on the cover of the book can be purchased in the shop press three: Social Science Literature Press Author: [America] John? Parton? Davies (John Paton, Davies, Jr.) with the translator: Zhang Xiang, Chen Feng, Li Min published: 2016 08 [] on this book when the Communist Party defeated the support of the United States in 1949 Chinese China Kuomintang, the establishment of new Chinese after the United States has a lot of people accusing it of a" China hand "that the United States lost China. This group of China, including scholar Erwin Lattimore and Fei Zhengqing? Emerson, Xie Weisi, Ke Lebo, diplomat and van Xuande, as well as the hero of this book John? Parton Davies?. The book is an autobiography of Davies, describing the injustice that he suffered from birth until 1954. He recorded his private life in a different way, as well as different diplomatic work in different periods. Through this book we can nature and changes of US policy towards China during World War II and the cold war glimpse. [author] Davies is about the son of American missionaries, twentieth Century was born in the early China, worked in University of Wisconsin, Yenching University in Peking, and attended Columbia University. From 1931 to 1954 worked in the State Council and the foreign service in the United States in Kunming, Shenyang, consulate and CBI military headquarters at the office. In Chinese during the work, he became the first batch of young revolutionaries and Mao Zedong China dealing with Americans, from the leaders of the Kuomintang Jiang Jieshi living excesses and political weakness; served as general Stillwell’s political assistant he traveled east and South Asia, and the colonial period of India’s Nehru and Gandhi met in Moscow; and George Kennan? Work, and become friends for life. The author of "foreign affairs" and other "and" seize the tail. [about] the translator Chen Feng, China Foreign Affairs University English professional foreign linguistics and applied linguistics in translation, "The Belt and Road: opportunities and challenges". Zhang Xiang, master of foreign linguistics and applied linguistics, China Foreign Affairs University. Li Min?相关的主题文章: