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Fashion-Style Methods/procedures One, the color of qipao Big red: suitable for older bride, because red can show the bride’s sedate and easy. Rose: suitable for younger brides, because itself skin skin is very good, the lining to rose red can make the bride look handsome youth. Deep red is suitable for the intellectual women sedate have self-restraint. White: suitable for comparison pay attention to the quality of life and lucrative bride, local can get red edge, or massive silver light, will look very elegant. Yellow and orange: is not conformism bride can consider using color. Second, the Chinese dress design with the bride’s figure A slender bride in strict sense is not suitable for a cheongsam. Figure is big big suit wearing cheongsam, x can be this style too plump hips have cover effect. Character lively and active x type bride is also suitable for wear, so the bride’s standing line sitting can more freely. As people are identified and exquisite figure of cheongsam, only belong to the tall woman’s patent. Of course not! New qipao change from long to short, another important elements of the new school qipao, is colorful bright colors, on behalf of the jubilant, especially is suitable for the bride, dark make they look more eye-catching, gorgeous. Three, the Chinese dress neckline with the bride’s face Temperament of the elegant and neck longer the bride is very suitable for wear turtleneck cheongsam. Neck is shorter bride suit wearing a collarless. Four, the Chinese dress fabrics Trying not to think about rayon and polyester fabrics, because very easy to static electricity. Spring, summer, autumn season to get married should consider to use thin material such as silk, color is also not too dignified; winter wedding had better choose the brocade, this kind of fabric can foil the luxury wedding. Five, the hair style and hair accessories Bride can pan head, but also can consider not pan head, long hair is naturally straight or perm it is ok. No matter what kind of hair, comb all should consider to use some hair accessories, hair accessories cheongsam color is the color should be same color, or can echo, so the bride dress from whole would have a sense of unity. Sparse hair should do hairstyle exaggerating a little. Six, the collocation of Chinese dress and shoes Try not to wear black shoes, if there are conditions should wear silk embroidered velvet or satin shoes, then you can wear the red shoes, but the light shoes should be on the last consideration. The length of the qipao best hangs down to the feet. Seven, cheongsam and jewelry accessories Chinese style garment is best suited to wear jewelry earring, especially with lubricious feeling, pearls, diamonds, and rubies and gold can be a wise choice for the bride. If there are quite a few foreign friends in the wedding guests, can consider to pearl and diamond earrings; If the guest is given priority to with elders, can consider to wear gold jeweler, Now have the conditions of women is also very like jade earrings, because of its unique "Oriental amorous feelings". Face big bride suit to wear earrings. Side face of the bride suit to wear earrings. Eight, the cheongsam with it Cheongsam behind best opening, not only convenient for the bride to wear off, the more important thing is convenient after modification, such as after the marriage, can consider to change my cheongsam is short, in a year’s anniversary or other occasions to wear a wear; If the bride fat a little bit later, took the qipao to tailor’s shop to do a little change is feasible, if it is open on both sides of the, change the room is not too much. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: