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On the eve of the outbreak of voice interaction, who will lead a new round of change? In the long history of 5000 years of human civilization, there are more than 4000 years of interaction between human beings and human beings. It was not until 1946 that von Neumann developed the world’s first modern computer, EDVAC, at the University of Pennsylvania. Today, human society is experiencing another interactive change – intelligent voice interaction. Giants show muscle, industry has ushered in the outbreak of the intelligent voice interaction is a standing on the air and have enough imagination, the technology giant, which has become a huge market in the battleground. According to the survey data released by the Research and Markets show that by 2020, the global market is expected to reach 19 billion 170 million u.s.. The Chinese Ministry of industry survey report pointed out that in 2016 the global smart voice industry will be close to $nine billion in the past five years, the compound growth rate of up to 35.1%. In fact, many domestic and foreign technology giants have already seen the voice interaction potential of the industry, and have in this field to flex its muscles. Two years ago, Amazon launched a family intelligent interactive product Amazon Echo, which became the representative products of speech interaction and AI field, the prospect of new products has become Amazon’s future core business. The apple Siri is regarded as the first in the history of the interactive voice products, Siri to form the interactive quiz to open a new world interactive voice gate, this is a major breakthrough in intelligent mobile phone terminal, also caused the intelligent assistant robot industry changes. In addition, Microsoft’s position in the business assistant Cortana is one of the representative products in the field of voice interaction. Cortana as a personal intelligence assistant, you can make the device like a person to communicate with you, can understand the natural language and respond. Microsoft hopes that Cortana can do more than simply retrieve information, and ultimately be able to deal with communications, calendar management, to meet the needs. Of course, the participants in this field is far more than these three companies, Google, Facebook and other giants are explored, and on the other side of the country, there is a lot of game player in the field of voice interaction to flex its muscles, the leader is iFLYTEK and Baidu, sogou. With the giants have layout, voice interaction technology was born so far, it is clear that has reached the critical point of the outbreak. The domestic market has many strong players, the same gravity field different voice interaction China no shortage of market participants, iFLYTEK and Sogou companies is one of them. From the final point of view, the two companies are obviously want to be able to lead the revolution of human-computer interaction, but the path of development of the two has shown a great difference. As a leading enterprise intelligent voice interaction iFLYTEK is not a Internet Co, its main business is the enterprise application. The C in the end consumer market although there is iFLYTEK input method, but for science.相关的主题文章: