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November | big world, small world, may I be your children’s Book World – Magic Elephant Books The Sohu baby please pay attention to "magic like children’s book Hall" WeChat public number: mofaxiang01 – Xue blue · Covic and the "big world, small world" fast to double eleven there is always a force in we squeezed wallet elephant also came Cougerenao at the beginning of the November "magic like children’s Book Museum officially opened micro shop opened at the beginning of twenty percent off, the signature of the author more custom waiting for you oh would you lean down in the wallet and spirit sublimated November magic like dynamic picture book kingdom" will usher in the two authors came to Chinese do the tour signings if you are interested please continue to focus on magic like after growing up, I want to be, "Nicholas de seal · Heidelbach · painting; Yu Zhixiao translation "When I grow up, I want to be a seal" is one of the works of the Guangxi Normal University press. Although the mother never got off the sea, but she knew everything: Sea Mermaid, elf shrimp, eel, nine eyes, cuttlefish, dugong minister Prince herring king…… Especially the seals. The seals came to the land, took off their skin and became human beings. They will hide the skin as if it were a treasure. In this way, if they have enough human life, they can return to the sea. One day, the boy accidentally found a seal in his home, second days, my mother was gone…… This is a picture book based on the ancient Irish legend, mysterious and beautiful and full of metaphor, and the most important thing is to write a boy’s growth. "The sad story" Veronica kinet David · Mcgee · painting; Liu Yang translation of "Veronica’s sad story" is the Guangxi normal university press one of the picture books like Magic Kingdom launched works. The little girl Veronica will play the violin, to pull her badly, her neighbors heard the piano and violin teacher, all have to avoid. Don’t stop the practice so that the maintenance of Ronnie since getting better and better, later, her sound moved all the people, even heard her people moved to tears. Because of beautiful music, Veronica is a famous music producer and appreciated, from school dropouts star career, but this is only the beginning of the story…… In this book, "Why are there no happy people dancing on the street?" The question for the beginning, by telling the story of Veronica striking one snag after another answer to this question. The original real life is sometimes cruel, happy time is short and precious. In life, people are accustomed to chasing fame and fortune, and the process of hard work is often accompanied by pain, happiness in the process has long gone. "Hot spring", "color Hasegawa Yoshi, · Peng Yizhou Long Meiyi painted;" color "hot spring is Guangxi Normal University Press as one of the Magic Kingdom introduced the works of picture books. Do you know the color hot springs? calendar相关的主题文章: