Norvin Award to please the audience Bob Dylan prize winner of the evaluation of a different yuanmu

Norvin Award "to please the audience? Bob Dylan winning parties to evaluate new network in October in a new network – in 14, according to foreign media reported on 14, 2016 Nobel prize winner is the result beyond all expectations, the famous musician and writer Bob Din (Bob Dylan). This is the first time the Nobel prize for Literature awarded to the songwriter. However, the Dylan award, the parties reacted differently. The reason for this is that Dylan has created a new poetic expression in the great tradition of American songs". In 2011, Dylan performed in london. 13, 2009, when the Swedish Academy announced the news of the award-winning Dylan at the press conference, the reporter was surprised at the scene, after a warm applause. The 75 year old country singer had also been mentioned opportunity awarded the Nobel prize for literature, but has never been seen as a strong contender. The Swedish Academy Permanent Secretary Dani said at a press conference, members of the awards committee of literary prize was awarded to Dylan’s view of "extremely favorable". "Dylan has an idol status. He has a profound influence on contemporary music." West Berry, a member of the Academy, said: "he may be the greatest living poet." However, Dylan won the prize for literature literary upset sparked a global outcry, although he believes in music achievement, but not a writer. In fact, Dylan has long had been listed as a Gambling company favor, winning one of the most popular, but has lost awards, so a mockery. 2015, Dylan at the MusiCares Of The Year awards ceremony. Dylan in 1941 in the American state of Minnesota Tulus (Duluth) born, formerly known as Robert Alan Zimmerman (Robert Allen Zimmerman). He taught himself the harmonica, guitar and Piano talent. From the 1961 release of the first album so far, he influence in popular music and cultural circles played more than 50 years, still writing songs and performing around. Dylan’s representative works include "blowin ‘in the wind (Blowing’ in the Wind), in the era of" change "(The Times They Are a-Changin), and" like a rolling stone "(Like a Rolling Stone). They were very wide, was the most important American anti war movement. Dylan will be awarded 8 million SEK bonus. For Dylan award, the parties reacted differently. Bachelet, President of Chile, said: "I am very happy to win the award of Dylan, my youth memories are related to the music of Dylan." Welsh, a novelist in Scotland, said: "I am a fan of Dylan, but music is different from literature, I feel angry." Swedish cultural writer Svensson said, the Swedish Academy for the sake of pleasing the masses and award to Dylan". With the Nobel prize for literature announced this year, the six winners of the Nobel prize has been released. The awards ceremony will be held in December 10th, in addition to the peace prize in Norway.相关的主题文章: