No original art is just self deception

No original art is just self deception before the "2016 China Contemporary Art Exhibition" held in 20 Art Museum of Guangzhou Acmdemy of Fine Arts. In this exhibition, contemporary artists are ringing "at the end of the visual painting works has aroused widespread concern. Ringing is one of the hottest contemporary artists China, in early 1992, he participated in, Chinese launched the "Cartoon Generation" art movement, it is proposed to China contemporary artists in the art history of a new artistic proposition. In Chinese contemporary art through the hustle and bustle of 30 years, needs to summarize evaluation and reconstruction of standard, the quality of the original sound with jingling works, increasingly highlight its significance. Recently, the reporter interviewed the ringing, the possibility of the existing problems and development of contemporary art in the Chinese. The Guangzhou Daily reporter Jiang Yuejun China contemporary art time to re evaluate the Guangzhou Daily: Chinese contemporary art over the past 30 years, recently said there some people think that out of the way of localization of their own, some people think that worth mentioning, even American critic Jed · Perle accused China artist "is not only an insult to art, but also an insult to life — many works of contemporary art of the inferior plagiarism and copying of these views, how do you see? Ringing: since the "85" fashion development, Chinese contemporary art is indeed time to clean up heritage, revaluation, put forward the standard. In my opinion, especially to several well-known artists of contemporary art China as representative, floating in the water, like Fang Lijun, Wang Guangyi, Zhang Xiaogang, artistic language, Xu Bing and others in the works of originality, make prudent judgment. Li Xianting has said: in terms of contemporary Chinese art, political history is more important. If we take this as a criterion, just take a western art form, add a little political factors, realistic factors, it can be said that the Chinese contemporary art. But in fact, the lack of originality of "art", in the art history of the world is not a place to live in. Let’s take a look at several Chinese contemporary art circles have a large coffee in the works of originality: when Richter works at home after exposure, people at a glance in the works of Zhang Xiaogang, obviously with the shadow of Richter; Wang Guangyi’s works, with western pop art has a tear ambiguous role. Even the Political Pop + schema, is the Soviet Union of artists had done; Zeng China repeatedly create contemporary art auction legend, but he is borrowed from the German expressionist techniques; the works of Xu Bing China in contemporary art, has done the most intelligent, but today, too we must clarify his "mumbo-jumbo" relationship with guwenda between. In Xu Bing "mumbo-jumbo" five years ago, Gu Wenda with ink to rewrite China words, typos style make people misread, began to question Chinese traditional culture, then it will make a great difference. If Xu Bing’s artistic language is from guwenda there, just typos form by the brush into print, done overwhelming and exquisite beauty, the value of their works is to be cut,.相关的主题文章: