National foot warm-up in a team is no match for the preparation of opponents have a program 3edyy

A team in the national football warm-up opponents for Shishuwunai are facing a number of challenges A Lippi reporter Ma Dexing reported today (3 days), the new China national team under the command of Lippi in Kunming, as of November 15th the card in the battle for expansion. Since the preparation process is a lot of the former coach Gao Hongbo set, so I am afraid that this preparation will not be as smooth as the outside world imagined. In fact, from yesterday came the Orangemen will be in November 8th and the Wuhan zall team warm-up match in the message, you can see this point. Take this card in the battle of the location of Kunming as an example, the original home court in Kunming, not because Chinese team to adapt to the game in the Kunming plateau, and the first starting point is thinking first "how to give opponents trouble", also is our understanding of "as far as possible to play a home court advantage". However, including Lippi, the European coaches do not understand Kunming plateau play what effect, and no previous experience in this area, so the card in the battle the actual effect how, so far I’m afraid who did not mind spectrum. Moreover, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the AFC, even if Lippi is not willing to play in Kunming, there has been no change in the location of the game, so it can only be hard on the scalp. For instance, the national football training place chose lake, thought is to "closed", do not want the outside world to see the national team’s training. Moreover, the national team’s training is also basically closed throughout the day just symbolically open 15 minutes before the scheduled interview, a regular course of official duties to say a few words of symbolic words, even to cope with trouble. However, after the arrival of Lippi, the national team will change the practice of the past. In the training stage, in order to hard work and live up to the base of previously made for the national team, will be the first to arrange accommodation at the base. But to the training in half, the team will not be living in the closed area, but the hotel will move into the downtown hotel, let the players more contact with society, the implementation of open management. While in training, Lippi still will implement closed, but not the whole closed, the entire training period, at least two to three times will be arranged throughout the open, so that they have a better understanding of preparations for the national team. In fact, the national team in the Super League after the end did not immediately, but let the players have time to rest, it has broken the old habits. Moreover, during the national football training camp, has not fixed before the warm-up, and according to the original plan, the Orangemen did not warm up program. However, after the arrival of Lippi, the habit, to arrange a warm-up match before the official team played in Qatar, which is to allow players to continue the previous Monday league match of the state, and the time arrangement in November 8th. However, because of the time in a hurry, under the operation of the national team for the team China impossible to contact the opponent, helpless, Lippi through their relationship, contact the year at Juventus (website data) Tucci coach when Eder Ferrara coached the Wuhan zall team. In contrast, the other team with the national team in the fifth round of the November 15th round, are arranged.相关的主题文章: