National Day Carnival countdown the divine Rune hero Hao Li kuangsong, game autobots

National Day Carnival countdown   "the divine Rune hero" Hao Li kuangsong, game original title: National Day Carnival countdown "Divine Comedy Rune hero" Hao Li kuangsong Seventh Avenue "the Divine Comedy" sequel, Liu Yifei endorsement only Mobile Games, SRPG Mobile Games terminator "God song Rune hero" articles the massive benefits to celebrate the birthday of the motherland, national day for 7 consecutive days of carnival, the 1 day countdown to the opening of deflagration. The daily log collar "Huan" "Qing" two words, daimon fragments, rare material and optional for other, more heavy activity strikes value! The "divine Rune hero" national day 7 day National Day Carnival Liu Yifei invites you to grab Hao Li [National Day Carnival explosion on-line, Hao Li crazy to send the game player] Dear buddies, there are 1 days, will be ushered in the birthday of our great motherland… As well as 7 days long holiday… However, the holiday not only people everywhere, even accidentally into unscrupulous traders "routine", as 35 friends get together to play the "divine Rune hero", the national welfare login free, more value-added activities waiting for you, don’t want to come, hey! Collect four words, people sent to "celebrate", collect welfare [double words] send welfare during the national day, in "the Divine Comedy game player Rune hero" of the main copy, maze, arena, territory war and many people copy other play, have the opportunity to get "Huan" "Qing" two words. Can be used to exchange huge rewards. In addition to play outside, the daily log and cumulative recharge will present a lot of truth, you must remember to collect the game player Oh ~ 7 days of carnival, Carnival ceremony (Dong Sirui, Shen Guangqian: continuous commissioning editor) original title: National Day Carnival countdown "Divine Comedy Rune hero" Hao Li kuangsong [7 Day Carnival, National Day together hi] next, let us look at the "divine Rune hero" 7 login has what luxury gift, perfect free login collar, do not miss Oh ~ 1 seven login to collect "Huan" words, the carnival of the 7 game player in the National Day ceremony Tianhao constantly during the event, the daily log of all get Huan words *20, and every day has a different theme value activities: the first day of the "public battle grab Hao Li", as long as the activity during the cumulative consumption reaches a specified action Force, you can get the highest contribution of the 700 guild and ultra rare resources – a large number of artifact particles, tied to the time limit of the day drill, super money dragon dragon *50. The second day, the territory of plunder to send gold, the cumulative amount of gold during the campaign to reach the specified amount, you can receive the corresponding maximum 90W gold and 2W crystal reward. The soul of the crystal limit discount, the value of the exchange element particles *5000. The third day "Fu Wensheng tree, friendship first", during the event, the cumulative water tree reaches the specified number of friends, you can receive the corresponding highest 130 stamina points and a lot of big bottle drops experience oh. The time limit of the time limit drill drill, the value of the fallen angel Lucifer fragmentation *50. The fourth day, "a copy of the multi show tacit understanding," during the event, the clearance of any number of copies to reach the specified number of times,相关的主题文章: