More than half of Southeast Asian countries strictly control mahogany trade business difficulties

Half of the Southeast Asian countries strictly control the mahogany trade business operating market mahogany market difficulties cannot bear to think of the past, a large number of imports of raw materials into mahogany material, implicated in the terminal market price dropped lower and lower, the consumer market demand continues to lead to insufficient mahogany products consumption is mediocre, the market was in the development of the cordon. The recent news came out so that the industry is full of expectations. The news, after Burma, Laos, Kampuchea, Vietnam also announced the start of the thorough investigation of mahogany smuggling, so far southeast and strictly control the import and export trade of rosewood countries has reached half. Many industry insiders have said that multinational control may lead to domestic mahogany prices rise. Thus, the rise of hunters theory, investment theory, turning on the various points of view, generally considered rosewood collection usher opportunity. Businesses operating difficulties recently released China mahogany market in the first half of the market report, "boom index trend on the market in the first half of mahogany products is almost a straight line, mahogany products trading market is still in the development of the cordon. In fact, in the Shenyang market, but also to see the mahogany market downturn. The reporter visited the museum to find some mahogany furniture, red wood, rosewood, sandalwood and other varieties, the huge mahogany high-end furniture store a superb collection of beautiful things. But in stark contrast with this is, although out of the "clearance", "discount" signs, but store customers less and less, the product is No one shows any interest in. Some mahogany operators said operating difficulties, and some choose to reduce stores, reduce staff, plant downtime to reduce costs and maintain basic operations. More store mahogany business area will all be adjusted, combined with other categories of business areas, and free of business area for his use. In recent years there have been some new wood into the market, such as the African pear and so on, these new wood is also very durable, if only to home, spend 20 thousand yuan to buy a strong African rosewood table and chair." Mahogany furniture boss Liu said. In contrast, not many people will spend a high price to buy mahogany furniture of these traditional materials. The industry believes that the mahogany industry as a resource-based industries, the raw material imports are the result of changes in the domestic market. Data show that in the first half, China’s total imports of 467 thousand and 400 cubic meters of mahogany, an increase of $455 million, imports of $2.7%, down by 19.45%, while the average price of mahogany imports fell by 21.56%. A rise or fall, directly implicated in the domestic market operators operating state. The price decline in the mahogany production processing Tung analysis, mainly caused by the market downturn should be enacted in June 2013 "international trade in endangered species Convention", it will, in America, Dalbergia Dalbergia cocobolo belonged to three endangered species of wood, all of a sudden upgrade to two endangered a rosewood species, putting in a short period of 2 months the price rose 50%. After the market blindly follow the trend, the high price of the value several times or even higher. At that time the price difference between high-end and low-end mahogany several times, but the quality gap is not so big. The low-end mahogany carving, practicality is not bad, in order to better report相关的主题文章: