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family education | parent-child picture book tasting I have a hand in the library of lost children watched a real event to lament. Thirty years ago, a little girl followed her sister went to buy soy sauce. On the way, the little girl lost her parents to buy her a piece of soy sauce 20 fen. The sisters are very nervous, sister told her sister, you finished, go back to your father will kill you. My sister was scared and ran, ran to the train station, just hop on a train, then she also don’t know to what place, seven or eight year old child of his hometown to ask a three do not know, she will never find the way home, also began to hard life. Until thirty years later, the boy finally find the way home. For this family is endless grief and remorse. What makes a child feel that she is in the hearts of their parents can not compare with that piece of 20 Fen, so she was afraid to have to flee the family. Her father is the original love sticks education "". She is at home to break a bowl, break a cup, father will light satire, stamp with rage, while her heart has been beaten, parents complain, intimidation, impatient occupy. What really frightened her was not the loss of a piece of 20 Fen, but the dignity of her father. I have a classmate is a primary school grade four class teacher, once she and I talked about a boy in their class was bullied by senior students, as a class teacher, she has the obligation to inform parents. Surprisingly, the students know that she wants to ask parents to come to school very scared. She told him, just let parents know what happened, the punishment will not be his. But the student is still very much against it. In her questioning, he said the truth: anyway, they do not care about me. It turned out that the child had a previous experience of being bullied, he cried to go home looking for help from their parents. His father listened, full of rage, scold him loudly: is smaller than you bullied, and face back crying. That day he not only by his father mocking words taunt, was also fined are not allowed to eat dinner. He said his father’s reaction made him even more frightened than the pain he had been hit. I believe that the father of the students in order to educate their children not to be too weak, I hope the child can be bullied in the face of evil forces. This is the father of his expectations, but children may not understand, he can only experience a variety of negative emotions from his father’s words and deeds. He didn’t get what he really needed. There is a lot of bullying in the campus, some people will ask, why do these children do not tell their parents? Why is the child hurt, parents always know the last? Many parents complain that the older children don’t love to talk to them, more do not know what they are thinking: why the younger children are more willing to talk to parents and children, adolescent rebellion? The fear of parents taunt, fear not to the parents of the painting相关的主题文章: