Microsoft in front of the apple press conference on big screen machine, 5K challenge the imac- scien face gossip

Microsoft in front of the apple press conference on big screen machine, 5K iMac- Sohu as a Microsoft technology challenge diehard powder, very Jun persisted with his books Windows. And today’s Microsoft conference, Guo Guo is naturally to chase. Conference on the eve of the Win 10 update, compatible with more software, while giving them more features; surfacebook has also been upgraded, stronger performance, longer life. When the polar fruit gentleman eyelid fights, suddenly a coin — Surface Studio machine! Take a look at the shape of the magnesium alloy body, the display panel is only 1.3mm, below the fuselage is only 12.5 mm thick! The frame can be changed at different angles to suit your different posture, and you can go anywhere. The screen with 28 inches TrueColor screen, can reach 1350 pixels, 4K TV picture should be higher than half (63%). Guo Guo Jun and iMac should think about the same 5K resolution, and support touch. The official is also equipped with a touch pad, you can also use it to operate. The camera is located at the top of the screen border, is a clear camera, and support live face recognition, but also through the Windows Hello identification system to quickly log Windows. Microphone in front of the camera, easy to communicate with Cortana. Such a thin body, configuration is not bad. This machine is equipped with a maximum of sixth generation i7 processor, with the maximum 32G of memory, the speed is quite fast. The maximum collocation 2TB hard drive, SkyDrive off I’m not afraid! Self willed! Processor and memory is so strong, the graphics card is certainly not bad! That is your thought · · · graphics and did not use the current mainstream NVIDIA GTX 10 series cards, instead of using his home GTX 980m, mobile level graphics. But think about it, people also spent a lot of effort to make the body look good, is to let your office installed X, and not to play games! Hidden in the back of the fuselage there are 4 USB 3, an earphone interface, a DP interface, an SD card slot and a cable interface. How, the office came to this office, minutes on the force on the spike boss, there are wood ~ Oh, right. Microsoft also specifically for the designer out of a fitting, is a cylindrical sensor, placed on the screen can be a menu. What color are quite convenient ~ Surface Studio has opened the sale, priced at $2999. (about 20305 yuan) —————–END——————- play above NB not? Things looked envious? You ~相关的主题文章: