Meditation – Exercise For Our Minds-lara fabian

Alternative Written by practitioner by Dr. Helen Lee – We spend a lot of time and effort exercising our bodies in order to keep fit & healthy. What about exercising our minds? In today’s day and age of increased stimulation, high technology, high demand our minds are being inundated with work and has to go non stop! We live in a society where there the mind is working on tasking, processing, worrying, fearing, etc that we’ve exercised it to automatically run on these thoughts. Just like many things in our body, the more we do something over and over, the more it becomes automatic this rewiring is called neuroplasticity. So, what if we can use this same ability to rewire the mind to be able to relax again through meditation. Meditation is a practice of quieting the mind which allows our bodies to focus on healing, rejuvenation & peace. There are many ways of meditating the key is to keep it simple and keep practicing! Some Benefits of Meditation: Increase blood flow to heart & vital organs Helps to regulate and optimize blood pressure Decreases Mental stress/strain such as anxiety, fear, worry, feelings of inadequacy Enhances Immune system function especially the natural killer cells Enhances connection with inner Spirit, intuition, feeling of well-being Increases deeper more restorative sleep Simple Meditation to start When you begin choose a peace place to practice meditation Sit comfortably in chair or on floor do not lay on your back or you may fall asleep Gently close eyes and gaze down Gently tuck chin inward slightly Inhale slowly through the nose and into the abdomen; think about expanding with life being grateful for life in this moment Pause Exhale through nose or mouth; think about letting go of any stress, tension, tightness, thought with each exhale. Repeat; start with 5-10 minutes then work your way up The most important part is to create a habit and to practice! mission is the education and advocacy of natural medicine and a holistic lifestyle. Please give credit to the original author when republishing all or part of any article. Also, kindly link back to .ChicagoHealers.. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: