Master Lu exposure mate 9 run 960 kylin hanging Xiaolong 821 winlinez

Master Lu exposure Mate 9 run 960 hanging kylin Xiaolong 821 HUAWEI this brings Mate 9 can be said to be the highlight of a lot of inspiration, Porsche double surface design (Limited Edition), the 12 million generation Leica +2000 12000 dual cameras, 4.5V 5A super low voltage high current fast charge, never Caton Android 7 EMUI 5 operating system, and as the core power of the 960 processor is kylin domestic chip pride. HUAWEI Mate 9 is equipped with 960 Cortex-A73 960 kylin kylin starting CPU Mali-G71MP8 core, GPU core, full support for Vulkan API, and is a breakthrough in security, communications, audio, power, pictures and other aspects, so the performance in the end? Cortex-A73 performance GeekBench run shows a single core and multi core performance it has surpassed all Xiaolong 821, but only 12.6 Bunny was apparently lack of optimization. Now, Master Lu data center also announced the Mate 9 run, kylin 960 got a score of 66 thousand, victory Xiaolong 821. From the individual achievements, kylin 960 is also very good performance, especially the integer performance far exceeds the Xiaolong 821 2D floating-point performance, 3D graphics performance and storage performance, the performance of RAM database is slightly higher, only slightly lower, because the contrast Le Pro 3 is equipped with 6GB large memory. EMUI 5 system to support intelligent learning acceleration, known as the use of 18 months is still smooth, but there is no practical experience in this regard, look at it. Master Lu ran sub run points comparison相关的主题文章: