Marineland Eclipse Acrylic Aquarium System Is Perfect For Small Aquatic Pets-sorpack

Pets Marineland Eclipse Seamless Acrylic Aquarium System offers you easy to maintain aquarium system, perfect for anyone who wants to see aquatic life in their environment. If you are a beginner who want to create an underwater environment, surely this aquarium can help you building one. This aquarium system is perfect for counters, desktops, shelves, stands or other areas with a limited space. It is ideal for those who enjoy the serene influence of aquatic life. You can place Marineland Eclipse Seamless Acrylic Aquarium in your home or office or anywhere you want to enjoy this underwater life. The aquarium can be placed against a wall where the filtration media gives it maximum exposure. The aquarium also has a patented BIO-Wheel 3 stage filtration system that creates a healthy environment for aquatic life. There is excellent water quality, made available at 150 gallons per hour, supplied by top mounted motors and Eclipse Rite Size filter cartridge and a patented Bio Wheel. Therefore, there is unlimited and seamless access to the entire aquarium. The greenery in the aquarium is supported by fluorescent daylight bulb. This also enhances the color of the fish in the aquarium and does not heat up the water at the same time. The Aquarium is made from acrylic which is leak proof. This aquarium wall is curved at the front and offers a 360 degrees panoramic view of the aquarium. The BIO Wheel has excellent quality and never breaks or clogs. The motor does not produce any sound and is epoxy sealed .Therefore; it does not require any oiling or maintenance. This aquarium is free of pumps, valves, tubes or hoses. Also, the contoured light hood can be plugged into any electrical outlet. The front port design of this product makes the feeding process easy and enjoyable. The aquarium comes with premium fish food, a water conditioner and a beginner’s fish keeping guide. All the water is filtered and has one hundred percent water-to-media contact. This ensures an excellent water quality round the clock, and a healthy environment for the aquamarine life. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: