Manor Red Moon Legend 2 exposure Jingxian luxury play

Manor Red Moon Legend 2 exposure discovered what luxury play let our youth easily fade? The money is right fishy, ugly, or out of control that desire? Is the distortion of human nature or moral decay? Not all, 9377 "Red Moon Legend (grab in the new service) 2" and a new play, uh, yes, I have to work hard. 9377 "Red Moon Legend" 2 princes are now open, fast and small to fall into the whirlpool’s treasure. Official website: corrupt nobles to reach an agreement with the Inferno (you see, that power tends to corrupt and greedy is really ugly, evil oh) sell Imperial military secrets in exchange for peace (you see, this is to put in ancient times by drowning), no city will be sent troops to suppress them, you. Willing to become the soldier? Well, since you don’t talk, I’ll make you a soldier. Do not worry, after all, to kill the traitor is a chance to get their treasures, there is such a lure bait, you will not be opposed to it, right? 9377 "Red Moon Legend 2" noble territory 1, into the manor exposure level needed to reach 82; 2, entered the territory of the need to pay 500000 gold coins as a transfer fee, but not to let everyone wasteland live too down, 2 days before the open area is free; 3, the time limit is 90 minutes map, please hurry yo; 4, manor second layer in the open service third days after opening. 9377 "Red Moon Legend 2" noble territory Map, the first layer of the open area, two day open open area open after 3 days; the territory has a large number of elite monsters and a certain number of guarding BOSS, kill the falling pieces of equipment and refining of rare stone. Note that the original and dark house into aristocratic territory, by the 9377 "Red Moon Legend 2" noble territory into the layer and Hades temple. From the NPC into the game player Tucheng manor in the game. 9377 "Red Moon Legend 2" noble territory major pieces of equipment, output as the reincarnation of the Horcrux fragments, attack gems fragments, a copy of VIP tickets, refining stone etc.. Don’t wait for life to remember the old, pick flowers, dream like a bird without wings, will stagnate in the heart of the blind. Come 9377 "Red Moon Legend of the 2" experience a free adventure trip. The wolf was more bloody, 9377 "Red Moon Legend 2" has shocked beta, and Wu Jing come together Chiyue team! Good games at 9377! 9377 R & D and operations in one game, "the independent research and development (9377 Purist Thunderwrath grab in the new service)", "fire (grab in the new service", "Red Moon Legend)", "opera legend (grab in the new service)", "Red Moon Legend 2" by virtue of high quality and refreshing experience, has become a popular web game! At the same time, the 9377 platform also operates a variety of popular games, such as the "imperial map", "no war" blue moon ", be legend", "battle of martial arts" and so on more than 50. Different types, multiple choices, always have your love! 9377 "Red Moon Legend," the official website: 9377 web games:相关的主题文章: