Man strangled female prostitution and prostitution girlfriend suspected postmortem pain killers (vid soojin

Man strangled female prostitution and prostitution girlfriend suspected postmortem pain killers according to the Anhui Daily reported on July 9, 2015, a 25 year old female Hefei derivative was killed, the suspect Gao Zhanhui is on trial in the Hefei intermediate people’s court in May 11, 2016, was not in court for sentencing. (newspaper reported in May 12th November 6th), the reporter from the Hefei Shushan Procuratorate, after review of high Zhanhui revealed two murders with. Gao Zhanhui said the killing of women, because of the dispute, the killer was arrested, because he killed a female micro Hefei. It is understood that in September 2014 Zhanhui and engaged in the sale of cigarettes to victims through mobile phone software acquaintance, July 9, 2015 at 10 o’clock in the morning, high Zhanhui to buy cigarettes in the name of the victim will be about to their rented room. Then two people quarrel, after the high side while the victim does not pay attention to the home of sleeping pills into the tea, the victim fell asleep after drinking in the bedroom, Gao Zhanhui then killed the victim, the corpse in the closet. In order to deceive the public, high Zhanhui returned to the victim’s husband texting victim lied kidnapped for ransom. That night, Gao Zhanhui was arrested in May 11th this year, Hefei City Intermediate People’s court hearing the case, Gao Zhanhui pleaded guilty in court, said he and the victim are closely related, because the day of the incident quarrel pain killers. Prison near strangle prostitutes postmortem mountain people did not expect that, after a review of the high Zhanhui who was also carrying two other murders. It is understood that the high Zhanhui is 52 years old this year, is the people of Sanming City in Fujian Province, has two times to 1987, due to the high of a rape was sentenced to ten years in 2004, found guilty of intentional assault was sentenced in two years and ten months. In January 4, 2007, second times to Gao Zhanhui from the Fujian Yongan prison sentence, shortly after a sex with prostitutes in the back of the car, after the problem because piaozi dispute between the two sides, high Zhanhui heart kill the idea, in the back of the car in the hands of prostitutes strangle postmortem at the bottom of the mountain. He suspected his girlfriend prostitution again under the pain killer in the end of 2013, the high Zhanhui via mobile phone software to know the victim Gumou, through a period of contact, the two sides develop into male and female friends. One night in 2014, Gumou to Gao Zhanhui is located in Hefei District of Shushan overnight accommodation, Gumou stay asleep, high Zhanhui found its mobile phone information in prostitution, feeling cheated have killed, then picked up the living room coffee table under the hammer to kill. A few days after the sick, because of the high Zhanhui father, with friends back to Fujian to visit Sanming, then Gao Zhanhui will be prepared in advance of the body into a black suitcase, and the suitcase in the car to the back of the car. To Fujian, the high side of the car and drove to three yuan on the hillside side of the road, the victim will be equipped with a naked corpse thrown under the trunk of the mountain. November 1, 2016, the suspect Gao Zhanhui suspected of intentional homicide, transferred to the people’s Procuratorate of Shushan District, Hefei. Video is only extended to read, and this article has nothing to do with the suspicion of infidelity girlfriend beaten him to death相关的主题文章: