Make Sure You Change Your Vending Machine Locck-4000dy

Business High Volume locations expect vending .panies to equip their vending machines with the new high-tech bookkeeping device, DEX and the new miss-vend solution Sensit. Have you ever wondered why you see a juice machine beside a cold drink machine? The reason is simple: the machine was either manufactured before 1989 or the machine was manufactured by a .pany that hasnt retooled its factory to catch up with industry trends; these machines are not equipped with high-tech add-ons such as the Sensit miss-vend system, a DEX system or the new debt and credit card readers. It would be very unusual for a vending machine to remain in one location for its entire life expectancy; quality vending machines have a 25+ year life expectancy if properly maintained. Also keep in mind that you will need equipment that is versatile. Make sure you let extra cost keep you from using your head. Spend the extra money, because you will get the small amount of money it cost you. Do not Overlook Used Equipment. Vendor’s Exchange is one of the most respected used machine dealers listed on the internet. There a lots and lots of used machines on the market, but as when purchasing a used vehicle, you have to know a little something about what you are looking at. Always make sure you write down the machine, make, model and serial number and of course the manufacturer. Mainstream vending machine manufacturers will always be happy to help you by telling you the year the vending machine was manufactured and if that model and year of vending machine had problems. If you buy from a well respected used machine distributor they will refurbish each machine after it has been ordered and paid for and in many cases they will offer a limited warranty. Do not invite a thief to rob your machines. A little know fact is that machine manufacturers use the same lock and key over and over again. Everyone who has ever bought the same series of machines that you now have or will purchase has the same lock and key that you do. Each manufacturer has a series of locks and keys that are cut from the same ID number. They buy the same series of numbers, over and over. It is more economical for them that way, but it could be a problem for you. All you have to replace is the round center of the machines T-lock, the round two-inch cylinder where the key is inserted. You can just pop this cylinder out and replace it with a new cylinder that is keyed just for you. There are dozens of lock .panies to choose from, we always re.mend Medico to our 3rd party vendors. So what is it going to be, let a thief grab your profits in the dead of night or spend a few bucks and replace the round cylinder in the center of your T-lock? Copyright (c) 2009 Jimmy Ingram About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: