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Madden passion of the island of Hongkong, so only play fun – Sohu is Hongkong’s biggest tourist festival parade Joy Festival, during the festival, also decorate the high streets and back lanes particularly beautiful, full of strong festive atmosphere. Whether to watch or see the people living in Shangri-La are located in the center of the island is an excellent location, tourists, local people mix together, but lively and orderly all blend into one harmonious whole. The spectacular beauty parade is the climax, lined the streets lined with cheering crowds, people enjoy carnival passion, music now singing, now dancing, and fanaticism suddenly lit up Hongkong. It is a grand parade, as it is a "offbeat" open up a fresh outlook". Exotic, unique charm, wonderful creative novelty, not in every hour and moment stimulate my visual nerve, let me not to press the shutter hands stop imperceptibly, leaving one after another memorable moments. During the Chinese New Year parade in Hongkong, there will be a variety of performances around the stage, surprise, colorful, midnight quietly coming, and the heat of the carnival has not been cut, sleepless tonight, only for Carnival parade. After all, spring beauty parade time limitations, but more than and 10 minutes to walk from the island of Shangri-La Golden Bauhinia Square, here perennial surprise. The one-time and Confucius, Bu Jingyun, Wang Xiaohu who photographed is what feel? Located at the Golden Bauhinia Square in April this year, the newly opened Seaside Park cartoon to know. Hongkong animation scene here is authentic, the embodiment of the two minute element figure, and cartoon version of Wang Xiaohu playing chess, playing mahjong and Bu Jingyun, the professor for energy-saving…… So many pictures to help you think about pose, no tickets, everything is free, go free to play it. Park on the 30 statue of local original cartoon characters, including hand nunchukus Bruce Lee, put a twist dance tooth, Jane Chen Haonan, make hoop neck gesture holding mobile phone self Guo Jing etc.. In front of the Victoria Harbour, self play with Hongkong classic comic characters, comic book fans will be even if you’re not hooked! Look at the Chinese New Year parade, visiting the animation Park, there were better than living in the island of Shangri-La? This is close to the Pacific place, great location, is really convenient. Do you remember the last time you stayed in a hotel with a key instead of a card? The island of Shangri-La, is willing to return to the original, but this little key like home, joined the door card function is so important. Just come into the room and saw the table and a fine insulation rattan tea basket. If you open the metal button, you will see a hot teapot. The original tea basket, the waiter was informed that the guests are about half an hour before the arrival, specially prepared in the room. The room will meet children’s charity door bear, as long as the guests spend HK $130, you can take it, but also do a charitable thing, after deducting the cost of money will help to improve the lives of vulnerable children in Hongkong charity association. More love is, charity bear called Tony, is a hotel L相关的主题文章: