Ma Yuhua Canada will usher in 10 years of gold borderland

Ma Yuhua: Canada will usher in the golden age of 10 local time on October 20th, the Chinese Entrepreneurs Club and Canada Trade Council, the Canadian Business Council held a grand scale exchange activities. Chinese Entrepreneurs Club director and Toronto, as well as the province’s outstanding business leaders in the province of BC, held a roundtable dialogue, and then held a grand scale exchanges with local entrepreneurs. Toronto is China Entrepreneurs Club this visit Canada’s third city, is the second meeting in Montreal, Ottawa and the local government, chamber of Commerce, business and outstanding representatives, including with Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau meeting, the meeting is the club delegation during the tour of the largest scale of activities. In the exchange, China and Canada have said that to further exchanges, the establishment of mechanisms for communication. Sino Canadian cooperation, the need for further landing in the business sector. Previously, the establishment of exchanges, trust is undoubtedly the first to do business partners. The grand scale of the exchange, so that the two sides of the communication between the two sides, to raise questions, through cooperation to meet the challenges, so that the Canadian business community in practical cooperation, and further. First of all, Chinese Entrepreneurs Club delegation to attend the roundtable dialogue by the board of directors of the Canadian pension fund president and chief executive officer Mark Machin presided over the discussion, adding the two sides meet in their pension funds and pension in the cause of problems, solutions. Canada for pension related business, has a very advanced management experience, and Chinese with forming the aging society structure, will face important challenges, which brought about through the exchange, to discuss with both sides in the pension business market opportunities and solutions, promote the Chinese business in the endowment of the segments, to Canada to learn excellent experience. Subsequently, the two leaders held a roundtable dialogue. Dialogue by the Canada China Business Council executive director Shiru presided. Ma Yuhua said: we’re going to visit Canada, many people ask what is the purpose of your trip, I think the most important thing is to us and Canadian entrepreneurs to establish mutual exchanges, mutual understanding and mutual trust between friends, so that we can cooperate, so as to implement a series of agreements between the two governments. With the addition of gold for ten years to open, China entered the rapid growth in consumption and upgrading stage, can believe that trade between China and Canada to the future, should be shifted from the past to the industry as compared to the single consumption, high-tech this aspect, this may both is very meaningful, reducing a lot of market barriers. Canada and China business leaders around the consumer upgrades, the field of health, high-tech and integrated real estate services and other fields launched a series of exchanges. In addition to participate in the business leaders Roundtable dialogue with outstanding entrepreneurs Aecon Group founder and CEO John Beck, vice president of the Canadian Business Council Blair Kingston Group Chairman Michael Buckingham, kraft, Superior Radiant Products President Kevin Merritt et al. Subsequently, the two sides held a grand scale face to face exchanges in industrial and commercial activities, Vancouver local相关的主题文章: