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Ma Yong: Yu Shicun talks about "a new book released without the emperor’s Chinese " – Sohu read twenty-third Beijing International Book Exhibition in August 24, 2016 officially opened, the exhibition held by the Volumes Publishing Company," said Ma Yong Ma Yong book "Ma Yong said" the Republic of China in the late Qing Dynasty "issued in Liaoning publishing group exhibition held the event, Professor Ma Yong and the poet, scholar and thinker freelance writer Mr. Yu Shicun launched a" no emperor China "as the theme of the dialogue. Dialogue begins in the late Qing Dynasty "constitutionalism". In September 1, 1906, the Qing government promulgated the "Declaration of constitutionalism" encyclical. Originally a declining Dynasty chance, such as Japan or the founding minister O Shigenobu said, "once the momentum Yunzhenglongbian, China is his country can be measured?!" However, the seemingly bright future, five years for half a generation of ashes to ashes, chaos. In this regard, Ma Yong is the teacher’s point of view, Chinese all the top-level design and the two are inseparable, the first is authoritarian figures of discourse, the second is the profit distribution system design time. Quotready constitutionalquot has been able to succeed, it is because of the existence of the Empress Dowager Ci Xi, she promoted the constitutional, but also failed because of the death of Ci Xi, her successor can not control the situation and personnel. On the design of the system, why can’t we reach the United States and Japan, always fail overthrown again, not tinkering within the framework of the constitution, Ma Yong teachers believe that this is in the design of the system is set according to the political parties, the protection of various interests, rather than because of policy, from Sun Zhongshan to Yuan Shikai, from Duan Qirui to Jiang Jieshi, all so. On these issues, Yu Shicun teachers think more reason is not wisdom. The French Revolution was successful because there are nearly a hundred years of enlightenment in front of people already know what you want to know what is good and what is bad for the government, the government, and China has always been in the leading by the upper reform, people tend to be led, which is caused by the WHO mastered the right to speak, who led the China, kidnapped Chinese. Over the past 110 years, can be said too much to say too much. The so-called "new deal in the late Qing Dynasty", is the road towards the constitutional government, or the delay of the Qing government? China has repeatedly missed the opportunity to constitutional democracy, whether it is the beginning of the establishment of the system, or our national nature dictates? What is the release of the 1911 revolution gone "plough to evil", or save the decadent? A general understanding of the history, the replacement of dynasties with a melancholy demonstration; times, with pen opened empire’s defeat. The mystery of the history is not final, but the dialogue is still the best you can hear!相关的主题文章: