Luo Huining meets with New Zealand Food Safety Secretary Jo Gudy govos

Luo Huining met with the New Zealand Food Safety minister Joe Dexiu ancient Shanxi daily news (reporter Shang Huihui) September 14th, provincial Party Secretary Luo Huining met in Taiyuan to visit Shanxi in the New Zealand Food Safety minister Joe Dexiu ancient line. New Zealand’s Ambassador Michael attended the meeting. Luo Huining said that in the new 44 years, bilateral relations to achieve leapfrog development. In this context, the economic and trade cooperation between Shanxi and New Zealand continues to expand, the two sides in the economic and trade investment, food safety, cultural exchanges, education and personnel training and other areas of cooperation in the vast space. China has become the fastest growing number of New Zealand travel to the country, but also hope that more New Zealand friends come to Shanxi tourism. Luo Huining special mention of strengthening cooperation between the two sides of animal husbandry. He said that the New Zealand animal husbandry developed, the current investment projects in Yingxian County, New Zealand Fonterra ranch group running well, hoping to further promote the deep processing of products, give full play to the exemplary driving effect. He hoped that Shanxi New Zealand enterprises to participate in the construction of Yanmenguan ecological animal husbandry economic region, and said that Shanxi will provide quality services to New Zealand in Shanxi project development, to create a good environment. Luo Huining said, we also support the expansion of new investment in Shanxi enterprises to achieve mutual benefit and win-win. Joe ancient thanks to the provincial government’s emphasis on bilateral relations and support for New Zealand investment projects. She said that New Zealand and China have a long history of cooperation in the field of agriculture, the signing of the FTA signed a solid foundation for bilateral cooperation. Hope that through this visit to deepen understanding of Shanxi, and further consolidate the good relations of cooperation between the two sides to promote pragmatic cooperation in agriculture, food security, tourism and other fields, and promote bilateral relations to a new level. Provincial leaders Wang Weizhong, Guo Yingguang and the provincial government, the provincial departments responsible comrades attended the meeting.相关的主题文章: