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Look at the new car brand to borrow SUV kaijiangtuotu? – Sohu car there is no doubt that Chinese is already the world’s largest auto market. Thanks to the rapid development of automobile industry China, many automobile brand vitality, especially in recent years, with the further development of SUV in the field of automobile, once let the wandering development ushered in the spring at the edge of the China independent brand, expanding market share, has become the most important force for Chinese automobile market. The development of China several independent brand new brand just unfolding, such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like rise, for example, in this year, we will usher in a volant, Swinburne, hanteng are all brand new. A lot of people say that China has so many car brands, whether or not to need a new car brand? In fact, in my opinion, this problem is actually a false proposition. As the saying goes: existence is reasonable. For the automotive industry, is not a new brand is not important, really meaningful, it is worth exploring the question should be: what kind of car brand consumers need. A brand can exist in the market and be accepted, must be in line with market demand. Whether it is new or old brands, the most critical is to meet the consumer trends in the environment, so as to be loved by the market and consumers. Admittedly, many new brands can not survive, but a hundred years old closed story, but also It is often seen. Recalling the history of the establishment of the domestic automobile brand in China, are generally created in three ways, namely, the original way, acquisition, joint venture autonomy. These actually see at the early stage of the original brands such as Chery, Geely, BYD, is now China independent brand line, but its development process is extremely difficult and time-consuming, 10 years or even 20 years, and since the start of the product of universal reputation is not high, the brand now while traveling to the high-end brand, facing many obstacles. Through the acquisition of the creation of Chinese brands, the development of the road to be much more smoothly. In 2005, SAIC acquired British MG Rover Group, which opened the prelude Chinese manufacturers overseas mergers and acquisitions. In the beginning Chinese manufacturers to buy is not rushing to the brand, but the value of the technology and production line, because it was really Chinese at a technical level was a lot worse, and joint venture brands implement technology blockade of China, overseas mergers and acquisitions can solve a series of problems. Of course, there are only a part of the acquisition, for example, buy Beiqi Saab’s production line, Guangzhou bought Alfa · Romeo platform and so on. The joint venture brands are newcomers, but also with the development of the joint venture brand, some of the first joint venture car production line platform is Chinese vendors to, repackaged into "joint independent" brand, such as concept, Kai Chen, grace, this is the equivalent of China brand in the leftovers, but due to the huge China the size of the market, these brands although the technology is not advanced, but is mature, therefore, also can live very moist. To sum up, the original brand needs the right time, it is best to have government support, and to do!相关的主题文章: