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Li Bing: I don’t know if Erickson joined the news all the Sohu undecided whether Li Bing has just won 2016 in a sports coach of the year honors in the evening of October 9th, he said in an interview, has not decided the next season is not to pick on one shoulder, finally decided to see investors. For the two positions of the coach and general manager, Li Bing said he had no obvious tendency. Li Bing is to lead the Hengfeng Zhicheng Chongchao success won 2016 in a best coach this honor. In reply he will continue to shoulder a time, continue to serve as head coach and general manager of the two positions of the answer to the next season: "for the next season will be a shoulder problem, this decision was not final. Because this situation has the final decision of investors. Just before investors make the final decision, I do a preliminary work. I personally hope that as soon as possible to clarify their position, so that next year’s work as soon as possible arrangements and deployment". When it comes to his preferences and perceptions of the two positions of the manager and the general manager, Li Bing replied: "as individuals, there is no particularly obvious tendency. When the coach has the advantage of being a coach, it’s just too much pressure when the coach is too hard. Especially for the New Super League, a heavy task, no matter who it is, this is a big challenge. For the club general manager this position, I personally feel that the future of the club’s development, as well as the development of football in Guizhou, will be a little better. So, all investors have to make the final decision to have the final result." For the rumors a few days ago rumours that Erickson will come to Guizhou as a coach, Li Bing replied: "Erickson joined the rumors, now I haven’t heard any news, so I’m not easy to comment". According to the analysis, the Hong Kong and decimating coach such quasi Super League giants team Erickson, the conditions and coaching his status, may not be Guizhou Hengfeng Zhicheng that can provide the New Super League, so his joining may be rumors. (Yi Jun)相关的主题文章: