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Jewelry-Diamonds No guy would probably walk around with a pair of personalized gold silver name earrings on his ears. This is because this particular piece of accessory is more the girls thing. And as such, it can only mean that its one of the more difficult accessories to pull off. You need to keep a lot of things under close consideration when youre shopping for personalized gold silver name earrings as a gift, or as a personal fashion accessory. In other words, you should only attempt to give this accessory as a gift when you truly know the girl youre giving it to, and the kind of earrings that she likes. Personalized gold silver name earrings are available as tiny studs or gigantic big hoop earrings. Theyre also available in both gold and/or silver bases, and sometimes theyre embedded with gemstones. If youre gifting someone with personalized gold silver name earrings, you need to make sure that the style youve chosen is the correct style for the recipients clothing and hair. If youre giving this gift to someone with long hair, then youre in luck, because both stud and hoop earrings work well with long hairstyles. This seems pretty obvious, but most people forget to ask, too, if the person theyre giving the earrings to have pierced or un-pierced ears. Most personalized gold silver name earrings are designed for people who have their ears pierced. However, if youre a good shopper, you can probably find a shop or two who makes clip on earrings for those who dont have pierced ears. You should also consider the length of the name when you shop for personalized gold silver name earrings. Some designs cant carry more than seven characters, and when youre giving a gift to someone with a very long name, this could be a problem. Some people, who dont like .promising style for names have nicknames or initials designed as well. When youre choosing gemstones for the personalized gold silver name earrings, birthstones are always safe choices. However, this might not be a good idea if the person happened to hate the color of her birthstone. One way you can find this out is by observing the recipients current line of jewelry. If her accessories dont match any of her birthstone color, then you should choose a gemstone in her favorite color instead. Some people might be allergic to silver, so you might want to consider setting the personalized name earrings in gold. If you want to keep the pure white color of a silver name earring, you should consider having the design set in platinum or white gold. This is definitely the pricier choice, but its worth it if it means the happiness of your loved one. Personalized white gold name earrings are the more daring steps towards creating personalized jewelry fashion statements. However, then youve pulled it off well, its all worth your effort. When youre gifting personalized name jewelry to babies, its better to have them in studs. Dangling or hoop earrings are really more the glam grown womans thing. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: