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Jiangsu Provincial People’s Congress inquiry on the "social security fund" — people.com.cn Jiangsu windows — people.com.cn original title: the provincial people’s Congress Standing Committee thematic inquiry "social security fund" the morning of September 29th, the twelve session of the Standing Committee of the twenty-fifth session of the joint meeting, around the provincial government on the Province’s social security fund management and supervision of the thematic inquiry report. Liu Yongzhong, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the provincial people’s congress. At the joint meeting, Xu Hongxiang, Wang Lasheng, Kong Xinning, Tang Jin, Zhou Laishui, Lin, Wang Chenxi, Liu Jiadong, Xue Jianhui, Zhang Guoliang and other 10 members of the provincial people’s Congress, the provincial people’s Congress on sharp hot issues for the supervision of Social Security Fund asked the provincial human resources and social security department director Tan Ying, inspector Chen Liyang, deputy provincial Department of Finance inspector Shen Yifeng, the Ministry of health and Family Planning Commission Director Wang Yonghong, the provincial audit department director Gu Shusheng, the Provincial Local Taxation Bureau Director Jiang Jianping attends a meeting request, to answer. Ask at the end, vice governor Zhang Lei on behalf of the provincial government made a position statement, said it would focus on full coverage, firmly hold the bottom line of the people’s livelihood; focus on promoting fairness and enhance the overall security level; focus on sustainable, security fund running smoothly. [PROBLEMS] the social security fund can collect receivable [] solve arrears recovery audit supervision of members of the Xu Hongxiang inquiry, the current overall level of our province of social security in the country in what position? Tan Ying replied, on the whole, Jiangsu social security system in the forefront of the country. The beginning of 2006, will be the first in the country endowment insurance coverage to all kinds of urban and rural enterprises and their employees; in 2007, the first in the country to establish a comprehensive system of medical insurance for urban residents, the elderly, children, students included in health insurance coverage; in 2010 the first in China to explore the new agricultural insurance, in 2013 to achieve a unified urban and rural pension insurance, and the first in the country the implementation of urban and rural residents illness insurance system. The number of insured five major insurance, the number of insurance coverage of the top four in the country ranked the top second. The level of treatment, before 2015, 11 consecutive years of retirement pension every year to improve the level of 2015 10%, is 3 times that of 2005 when the level of old-age insurance; the level of per capita pension is 160.2 yuan, sixth of the country. The proportion of reimbursement of medical insurance for urban workers is 85.03%, the country’s second only to Tibet, after only second. Members and representatives of the social security fund payment, payment audit, capital raising and management is very concerned about. Jiang Jianping said that as of July this year, the province’s cumulative social insurance premiums amounted to 1 trillion and 700 billion yuan. For the ability to pay, but refused to pay the arrears malicious arrears units, local tax departments in arrears send reminder, corporate interviews are invalid, take query bank deposits to banks and other financial institutions and the deduction of social security fees owed, included in the blacklist of disciplinary measures. "12th Five-Year" period, the whole system of social security fee arrears recovered a total of about 17 billion yuan. In 2015 the recovery of arrears 11 thousand units issued a notice of 31 thousand copies, 3126 copies of the book collection of the decision, submitted to the court for compulsory execution of 512, recovery of arrears of about 4 billion 700 million yuan. In the guarantee of due taxes, social security)相关的主题文章: