Jackie Chan flag WEC ShangHai Railway Station China team debut LMP2 group actv

Jackie Chan’s play WEC Chinese team debut LMP2 ShangHai Railway Station group in November 6th, 2016 WEC world Endurance Championship final at the Shanghai International Speedway run Audi, as the world’s highest level of endurance series, WEC ShangHai Railway Station competition attracted a large number of media and racing enthusiasts attention. The ShangHai Railway Station game can be described as full. WEC "a gilded signboard" Mark · Webb announced his retirement last month, means he won seven races and a champion Australian veteran will end his WEC ending the campaign in Shanghai and Bahrain, following Tom · Christensen and Webb, who will be the master of the natural WEC has become one of the most concerned about the fans topic; group LMP1 Porsche, Audi and TOYOTA big three manufacturers, R18 and TS050 in the allocation of the 919, Aston Martin and Ferrari team well-matched in strength makes GTE-Pro become the most intense group championship competition; and Audi Le Mans prototype 18 years history of participating in the ShangHai Railway Station finally ending, so many fans marvel. However, the focus is the event by brother Jackie Chan, McIlroy culture with driver Cheng Fei co founded the No. 35 car China team, this is also the history of the WEC first by the local capital investment and operation Chinese, led by Chinese athletes China racing team. This young team in October last year, first Asian Le Mans series is Fuji runner up, won the French 24 hours of Le Mans race group LMP2 and group LMP3 champions won the qualification, to become a shining star in the Le Mans series. Before the start, the "double Cheng" combination for the team renamed the opening, announced that it has completed the program officially changed its name in the Asian Le Mans series, the team will be in 2016 to 2017 the tournament was renamed "McIlroy Jackie Chan DC Racing". Big brother in the name ceremony said that his contact with the car industry for more than thirty years, and Cheng Fei such outstanding drivers know and work, especially when the Chinese flag in the Asian Le Mans race game, the heart is very excited, full of confidence in the future of Chinese racing. After the opening show, Jackie Chan eldest brother more personally flag for the start of the game. The other competitors both driver and team owner dual identity of Cheng Fei and another Chinese driver Dong Hebin Alpine A46 Nissan racing against LMP2 group in the home court. On the day, the team also invited one of the organizers of the Shanghai juss Event Management Co., Ltd. deputy general manager Yao WEC ShangHai Railway Station, China cold car and motorcycle sports federation vice president 000 peace and industry media attended the salon, to discuss China racing career development and city cultural tourism development and other topics. Based on the influence of the big brother in the global film industry, Yao Lai culture to build the team as an opportunity to launch the sports section, reshaping the cultural map, intended to achieve the pan cultural field of Chinese symbols.相关的主题文章: