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Careers-Employment In addition to many electricians wishing to attend the latest PAT courses, a growing number of people are looking at gaining a PAT qualification in order to be able to set up their own PAT testing business, and many businesses and organisations are realising the financial benefits of having one of their own members of staff certified and able to carry out the PAT audits and tests themselves. But one of the problems facing people is knowing whether or not a home study course is applicable or appropriate, and whether practical experience is even necessary, especially if the only examination is a written one. A significant majority of people currently learning PAT testing have no prior formal qualifications in electrics. This is either because they are entering the electrical industry through PAT testing for the first time, they are looking only at qualified in PAT testing in order to establish their own PAT testing business, or they are not looking at involved in the electrical industry, but are simply looking to be able to carry out their own business’s or .anisation’s PAT testing more affordably. This fact makes it very clear that the majority of people looking to learn PAT testing in the UK need to ensure that they gain appropriate practical experience, even though in most cases the assessment will be a written test, very often a multiple choice test. There are two very good reasons for this. No book, manual or home study course can ever fully prepare someone for real-world challenges and problems, and whilst much of what is involved in PAT testing is fairly routine and straightforward, it is often the difference between theoretical knowledge and practical experience which helps to prevent unfortunate and potentially dangerous oversights being made. Although the examination is most often a written one it should also be borne in mind that most of the best qualifications will involve the people carrying out the training to assess the practical capabilities of candidates throughout the course, with this being taken into consideration in deciding the awarding of certification. But of course for some people a home study course, or a PAT training course which involves at least some home study, is preferable. For those people who already have a good deal of experience within the electrical industry there is often little need to spend hours or days going over practical methodologies when they could be using their time more appropriately. Single day courses are often all that is necessary for those people with experience or qualifications in the electrical industry, and even for those looking to set up their own PAT testing businesses a three day course is usually sufficient. For anyone looking to learn PAT auditing and testing it should be assumed that an on-site training course with practical experience is always going to be preferable to using books, manuals and home study courses to learn only the theoretical side of what is inevitably an entirely practical procedure. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: