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The investment director of consumer preference shares of blue chip quality researchers authored the twenty-first Century capital estate policy institute Li Jiexue in September, the A stock market in sideways rhythm becomes increasingly dull. In September 20th, the minimum amplitude of 14 years in the market; then on the second day, the market situation and rare "thousand sideways", seventy percent of the shares on the amplitude of only 1 cents to a few cents, the market is very boring. In addition, according to the board positions in August statistics, as of the end of August, A shares short positions reached 61 million, more than 50% retail investors continue to withdraw the stock market, which is short of investors for the sixth month in a row. In an increasingly cautious market environment, the public fund industry on the market trend is expected to predict what is it? Twenty-first Century Capital Research Institute, in September, the results show that the next month, the board of directors of the most promising investment focused on high-quality blue chip, large consumption and PPP, etc.. The chief investment officer is most concerned about the impact of the market is the real estate regulatory policy changes. In addition, changes in the macroeconomic, monetary and policy changes and other factors are also of concern. Optimistic about the quality of blue chip stocks underestimate the value of the question in the next month, you are more optimistic about the A shares which plate, in twenty-first Century the Capital Institute received a total of 31 effective reply. Survey results show that although the 31 investment director of this view is different, but it is not difficult to find, we are still very high quality blue chip recognition. If the real estate, finance, industry, infrastructure and other concrete plates are attributed to such, so optimistic about the sector accounted for nearly 50% of the investment director. Hua Runyuan, director of large investment on the continuation of last month’s view of Li Mengxia, which believes that the market performance in September, still need to support the performance of the two aspects of the policy and catalytic transformation of the industry, the preferred financial and pharmaceutical. Shanghai an investment director Wei Guang (a pseudonym) also said, "the next month to continue to be optimistic about the fundamentals of a good, sustainable performance, valuation is relatively low, the price is still reasonable, including the growth plate leading and fundamental part of the quality improvement is expected to continue to underestimate the value of the return value, bring leading blue chip, such as medicine, chemical industry, the car, water and electricity industries." In addition, consumer stocks also maintained a high degree of identity. 31 investment director, there are 15 promising consumer stocks, accounting for nearly 50%. The specific situation from the industry, retail, food and beverage, medicine, liquor and other referred to the highest degree, the results of the survey in July and August are similar, also said that in recent months the chief investment officer who shares the long-term bullish mentality of consumption. It is worth mentioning that, after the fiery moment of PPP stocks are still subject to a number of investment director’s recommendation. There are 6 investment director said the next month optimistic about the PPP sector, accounting for nearly 20%. Among them, an investment director of Guangzhou Li Di (a pseudonym) revealed that its holdings in the last month to PPP based construction and environmental protection sector, an increase of black metal and chemical configuration. Li Di believes that PPP is a relatively good performance last month, the market has been questioned from the beginning, turned to universal recommendation. Now a lot of people still think of PPP as a theme, but I think there is a great possibility in the future相关的主题文章: