In September 12 about the benefits of black technology mirror; Jingdong to raise reasonable pr

In September 12 about the benefits of "  black technology" mirror; Jingdong to raise reasonable price shock on the line — home — September 12th 7 morning, Haier smart mirror, Jingdong raised strong landing. Once on-line, triggering panic buying. Jingdong to raise the public hot, not only shows the wisdom of the mirror strong product appeal, but also highlights the people for black technology product identity. Haier has extremely reasonable price to let a little black mirror, high technology products really into the homes of ordinary people. Whether it is the rapid spread of VR, AR technology, or the rapid development of artificial intelligence, people’s awareness of black technology is becoming more and more clear, black technology is also changing the speed of people’s lives. The wisdom of the mirror as an excellent intelligent hardware products, aims to change people’s bathroom habits and enhance the user experience of smart bathroom, can be said to be a typical representative of high-energy black technology. Since last year, this year’s CES IFA exhibition and make first appearance to get the whole network of nearly 2 million, attention, the mirror force, successfully raise public Jingdong! The end is what kind of black technology? It is reported that, in order to let the future of science and technology is no longer a fantasy "as the flagship of the wisdom mirror, not only the appearance of full sense of science and technology, it is full of practical. The bathroom can monitor the temperature and humidity and brightness, air condition, and intelligent adjustment according to user preferences; in addition, wireless Internet and home water heater can mirror, to provide the ultimate bathing experience for users. To meet the basic requirements of a "black technology" mirror, mirror is also equipped with health management system, can be real-time monitoring of their weight, skin condition, and as a big data record, to provide users with solutions. In addition, to provide users with weather, road conditions and other information to remind, convenient life. In addition, the wisdom of the entertainment function mirror, can provide users in the bath, providing entertainment browsing and ordering. Imagine a beautiful skin, the body monitoring management through the mirror, Download beauty APP sync tutorial mirror can automatically adjust the air humidity and cleanliness. To keep the skin healthy, beauty synchronization when listening to music humming, such wonderful moment! A lipstick can not solve the troubles, can give the future mirror! The realization of the above functions, relying on strong technical support in the mirror. Powerful network video music playback capabilities, to provide users with massive HD movies, popular drama, wonderful variety and pop music. At the same time, the strong chromatic color high-definition display technology for video playback to provide a better user experience. The mirror has strong IP66 waterproof, anti fog function and powerful of the world’s leading mirror processing technology for users from splashing water, condensation water bath mirror and other pain points. The mirror is equipped with strong IOT ZigBee communication technology, to make things more stable, more reliable data communication, larger capacity, lower power consumption. The congregation, the congregation raised the minimum amount of 5 yuan, each with 1000 supporters to extract 1 lucky users to get the market price of nearly 12500 yuan Haier M3S a mirror. The original 9498 Haier M3 mirror, the congregation raised only 349)相关的主题文章: