In 13th Five-Year, the Hongqiao business district planning to build 15 minutes of life circle zuczug

In 13th Five-Year, the Hongqiao business district planning: to create a 15 minute life circle London October 31st news: Hongqiao’s future will be advised, appropriate industry livable. The development of "Hongqiao business district was informed that in 13th Five-Year" planning experts reporter from the day before the meeting, "13th Five-Year" at the end of the period, the Hongqiao business district resident population reached 500 thousand, the total number of jobs up to about 650 thousand, then, Hongqiao is not only the Asia Pacific hub of heavy traffic, but also various types of high-end, fashion exhibition conference at the same time, the center; life and work will enjoy 15 minutes fitness service circle, 15 minutes, 15 minutes of medical and health service circle entertainment circle, 15 minutes of cultural activities of Hongqiao people in the circle". Big traffic, big exhibition, big business, this is the Hongqiao business district "13th Five-Year" positioning of the three functions, Hongqiao aviation, high-speed rail, subway linkage, driven by the economic and social development of the traffic hub has become a new city construction and transportation upgrade "model", not only in Pudong, will also be around "copy". Has emerged livable life circle, Hongqiao will build 31 million square meters of commercial and residential buildings, including 19 million residential. Currently, the construction of the Shanghai medical center is to focus on the gathering of the world’s medical resources, a group of foreign, private and Shanghai’s top three hospitals will be set up in this hospital or branch. In the future, Hongqiao will build 5 large theater, the construction of large stadiums, etc.. Hot news: the Wuzhong Road line now began to levy plans to start in 2017, the Shanghai Pingliang west block of the old final complete lasted 11 years, involving 17 thousand households in Baoshan third parks built next year greening area of over 260 thousand square meters of 17 Shanghai mountains in Western Zhejiang lost tour pal including 4 German students in Pudong bus suddenly out of control into the opposite lane to 3 dead 1 injured (Figure) weather forecast: Shanghai today rain a minimum of 14 degrees to 11 degrees temperature on Wednesday相关的主题文章: