Idol master Dragon Ball Z Mobile Games into Namco Bandai ATM zhuxianduowan

"Idol" master "dragon ball Z" Mobile Games into Namco Bandai ATM as Japan animation power, will create many annual animation works, the animation works in turn derived a lot of business opportunities. According to Namco Bandai released second quarter earnings data, Namco Bandai’s new high performance. The "Cinderella girl idol master starlight stage" and "Dragon Ball" series of Mobile Games Z Mobile Games which have earned a lot of money. According to the supplementary information, Namco Bandai in the first half of 2016 is only in the network content had sales of 72 billion 200 million yen (about 4 billion 600 million yuan), and Namco Bandai forecast this year in the network content sales will reach 135 billion yen (about 8 billion 700 million yuan), much higher than the previous two years performance. The "Cinderella girl idol master starlight stage" and "Dragon Ball" series of Mobile Games Z Mobile Games as Namco Bandai signs Mobile Games, made a lot of contributions to the. So it seems that the development of animation industry is the way out, and as a representative of the surrounding commodity tour is definitely a good choice. But the game player is always Mobile Games generous, krypton gold has long become a worship idol style. Namco Bandai (clima, and nano entertainment group, and major studies, media, human and TE) is located in the Japanese arcade, mobile phone and home video game publisher, the electronic game development department and Namco Bandai merged and. Also issued video games, music and other entertainment products related to its intellectual property. Namco Bandai games is the content of strategic business units Namco Bandai group Core Company. Namco Bandai games headquartered in Tokyo Shinagawa, Namco Bandai future research institute. In addition to the core issue of Japanese business, Namco Bandai games also released content in the world through different entities. Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章: