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Sales-Management A little whereas ago, I waxed lyrical about learning from histories famous leaders and also the leadership qualities that they stood for. Nice leaders like Julius Caesar achieved nearly impossible targets by fostering some outstanding abilities of leadership and invoking faith, understanding and adoration from those he led. After I wrote the article "Are You the Julius Caesar of Sales Management", I questioned how several of you muttered "I hope not". For those, who weren’t taking note in their history class, Julius Caesar was an incredible leader however was unfortunately betrayed and murdered by his peers. Not, may I add, one in every of the achievements that you ought to be emulating as a sales manager. Sales and sales management, believe it or not, isn’t all concerning success and making sales. Sales could be a .petitive atmosphere and leadership is a crucial part of your job, but what if you are really smart at what you do? What happens if you’re a true success? Then you have a real problem. You see, unfortunately there’s one thing called ‘human nature’ that in an exceedingly .petitive surroundings brings out the worst in us all. If you’re successful in an atmosphere where you are measured against others in the same situation as you, you will undoubtedly foster jealousy, dislike and a determination to be beaten by those that are overshadowed by your success. Your overall bosses can love the energy that you bring and in fact the success you bring to the business, however it is a reality of life that everybody else in your near vicinity can resent your success and secretly hope that you just fail. So how do you cope with being successful? One approach is to ignore everyone and think about your own achievements and operate from your power base, namely everything directly in your control. Your achievements will speak for themselves and you will rise through hard work, ability and success. What will it matter if you provoke jealousy in different individuals? They don’t seem to be your problem. This can be the Julius Caesar technique of rising through the ranks of management. To achieve success at this suggests being firm and resolute and will mean a lonely management setting with very little support from colleagues. The trouble with this, is that you have to continuously succeed to take care of your achievements. Any sign of weakness or failure will be capitalized on by those that resent your perceived distance and superiority. The other approach to dealing with success results in harmonious relationships with those around you. .petitive environments do not essentially mean rivalry and hatred and what each business very desires is a successful all round business instead of people who act alone. Within the wake of Julius Caesars death, his successor Augustus learned most from his predecessors mistakes by not solely being a robust and charismatic leader however by reaching out and involving his peers and political adversaries. Fostering relationships within an .anisation and behaving as a team player is an asset that any business recognizes. If anything is prided on top of success it is the power to create others succeed. If you have got talent and will succeed at something you’ll be recognized for it. But, it is not always the best person at a job that succeeds in rising through the ranks of management and talent alone is not enough to stay you in an exceedingly job. A business is like every political machine in that it works best when there is stability, cohesion and success in all areas of the business. Anyone person who appears alienated from this machine can inevitably realize it tough to prosper. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: