Hui car rental joint Avis to expand China outbound travel market – Sohu travel restorator

Hui car teamed up with AVIS to expand China exit ZiJiaYou market – Sohu tourism before the leading overseas car platform – Hui car announced, with AVIS (Avis) to launch a new round of strategic cooperation plan. The two sides will upgrade the car rental resources, brand cooperation, marketing ideas, product promotion and other aspects of a series of cooperation to jointly develop the Chinese outbound travel car rental market. Outbound tourism in China continues to grow in volume today, as the car to open up a big car rental and destination key small traffic, is becoming the focus of attention of the global tourism industry. Hui car hire AVIS to expand the Chinese outbound travel market in recent years, with the development of tourism, advocating freedom, freedom of personality in the proportion of Chinese citizens outbound travel is growing. Global freedom report 2015 shows that in 2015, the global free market size of 42 trillion and 500 billion yuan, an increase of 5.6% in 2014. Growth mainly from China, Japan, South Korea, mainly in the Asia Pacific region. Among them, in 2015 the scale of China’s outbound freedom of the market has reached 930 billion yuan, outbound free pedestrian group of up to 80 million passengers, per capita consumption of $11625, spending grew by $8820 in the same period in 2014 of $24.1%. China’s strong growth in the free market has boosted global tourism consumption. It is worth noting that the combination of today’s China tourists outbound free exercise has not satisfied the "machine + wine", more and more people want to travel and car driving in a foreign country, whether family or travel is two of the world, as well as business investment survey, more freedom to roam in the city and the landscape. This is the goal. Insiders predict that, with the China ZiJiaYou tourists overseas accounted for further expansion, the market will be the development trend for the rapid expansion of the vertical platform, standard and non-standard products + combination, and ground resources grafting, will become the current Chinese middle class is preferred, typical mode of travel abroad the. This also means that outbound self driving tour has become a new growth point of concern tourism economy. In this regard, Hui car and AVIS are deeply think. Hui car rental CEO and co-founder Huang Haoming said that the car rental industry will do a good job to do deep, because of the great demand for overseas car rental, and to meet these needs of the company is very small, there is a huge business opportunities. Founded in May 2014, Hui car, is a fully in the Chinese perspective, watch Chinese car user pain points, with a global brand, than than concessions, than a unique pattern of service to provide users with a comfortable home booking experience leading overseas car platform. After more than 2 years of rapid development, the current car rental business has covered the world’s 90% countries and regions, the city of more than 5 thousand, the more than 50 thousand stores. Today, the company has thousands of orders per month, and the growth rate of 30% per month. AVIS international car rental company was founded in 1946, is the first set in the airport car rental company. Today, AVIS has developed into.相关的主题文章: