How was your weekend fun Yichang Qingjiang Gallery pretty rhythm

How was your weekend fun Yichang Qingjiang gallery? Things change, people retreat, more people in the cement forest dweller, more want to get out of the house, the feelings of nature brings us such as Art beats nature. beauty, this is the miracle of nature, the closer we feel more magical. Hubei, Yichang, in ancient times known as the "Yiling", because "water at this point and Yi, the mountain and the mausoleum" named after. The boundary of Yichang is located in the middle and upper reaches of the Yangtze River, along the river, the Three Gorges of Bashu, along the river, to the Shanghai Nanjing environment; Yichang city is located in the Three Gorges East, has always been the control of Sichuan, under the lead Jingxiang "stronghold, so enjoy the" Three Gorges portal "and" Xiakou pearl "reputation. Yichang’s tourism resources are very rich, natural scenery is set gorge, water, mountains, caves in one. The weekend came to Qingjiang art gallery, Qingjiang art gallery is located in Hubei Yichang Changyang, is a pearl of the Yangtze River, "ten Zhangs color Qingming, people see the clear, named Qingjiang." She originated in the west of Hubei Lichuan city longdonggou, flows through Enshi, Changyang, Badong, in the city of Yidu into the Yangtze River, a total length of 423 kilometers, there are "eight hundred Qingjiang Geniatech" reputation. Qingjiang gallery is a national 5A level scenic spots, but also the national geological park. On a boat down the river, boat shuttle between two mountains, scenery on both sides of the Yi people, reminiscent of Li Bai’s poem, "on both sides of the monkeys live, has been in a canoe" among the mountains, like a statue of Buddha sitting the sunlight at the big Buddha, Buddha four shot. Take a boat ride in Qingjiang, listen to the Tujia Mei sing this song together, interactive games, can also look at the scenery on both sides of standing on the bow. Boarded wuluozhongli mountain, from the heights overlooking Qingjiang, so harmony combined, the landscape is like nature itself people lamented the beauty of nature. Back to the urban area of Yichang, in the Yichang Li Feng pagoda River Hotel shop. Into the hotel there is a smell of lavender. Fresh and natural, is like indulging in the flowers, the warm handed to disinfect towels and hot tea. Sitting next to the sofa waiting for check-in, took the room card, asked the front desk where there is a good taste of what to recommend it, the beauty of the front desk is recommended to remember the cool shrimp, ready to go out at night to taste. Enter the room, insert the room card, automatic curtain opened, air conditioning and automatic operation, the room did not smell a bit and musty, and very fresh and natural. There is an air purifier inside the room, no wonder no taste. Bed layout is very beautiful, there are wood like the feeling of marriage room. The exhausted body of a day of travel is reluctant to lie down, for fear of breaking the shape. The bed also placed a bottle of wine, now do not want to destroy the shape of the bed, sitting on the sofa to open the red wine, drink a few mouthfuls. There is a small bar, but is a charge of finishing on the go out to dinner. The letter came to Zheng remember cool shrimp door, Goodfellas, Wai Man, the original cool shrimp is Rice noodles made out of shape, somewhat similar to the shape of shrimp, very tender taste can feel fragrant taste, there are four types of plum, honey, sweet osmanthus, brown sugar, according to personal taste preferences for choice. This is also a comparison of the characteristics of Yichang snacks bar. Stroll around, eat enough to drink, back to the hotel, ready to take a bath to sleep,.相关的主题文章: