How to let the baby to avoid the 5 most common burns – maternal and child

How to let the baby to avoid the 5 most common burns – Sohu maternal and child burns incident occurred in the past two months, and most of them are human negligence. How do mothers avoid burns when they take care of their babies? How should do after scald? The type of hot liquid scald is often the most commonly encountered hot liquid scald, like hot water, hot soup, hot drink, because the baby is crawling in the period of six months, as long as the mother or primary caregiver go baby go, in the end, boil soup, coffee, tea Hot pot etc. Hot liquid, placed as far as possible to take place in the baby, but also pay attention to whether there is a table or a wire plug, in order to avoid the baby curiosity pulling, causing burns, pay attention to the baby drink before, make sure the baby is acceptable temperature, and then start eating action. Remember the red cover deaeration send "formula, the first time in the hot liquid scald," parents and the surrounding personnel must act immediately, "red" is the use of tap water flow quickly to do the washing action or the injured part of soaking in cold water, quickly reduce the skin surface heat; "off" is fully wound after soaking wet, then carefully removed baby clothes, when necessary, can use the scissors clothes, if the clothes sticking to the skin, then do not deal with, and try to avoid the broken blisters; "bubble" is continuously soaked in cold water for 30 minutes, if the temperature of worry baby you can use warm water; "lid" is the use of clean sheets and cloth or gauze to cover the affected part, can avoid wound infection; "send" is sent to the nearby hospital treatment, it is best to seriously burn center hospital for further treatment. Contact contact burn scald suggests that exposure to heat cause burns, most often heard is to touch the pot temperature outside or touch the exhaust pipe of locomotive, due to the following six months of the baby pain sensitivity is poor, unable to accurately distinguish pain or itch, even if it is hot to just feel uncomfortable. There will be no crying reaction, and mom to buy hot soup, put in next to the baby did not use any clothing and shelter the motorcycle home, her mother arrived at the destination, will remove the soup only to find the baby has the whole piece two degrees contact burn; contact burn now required in accordance with the red cover deaeration sent "first aid steps and you must be careful to avoid the broken blisters but have blisters, to prevent infection. Electric burns due to contact with high voltage electricity or electric plug is caused by burns, like all kinds of home appliances will use the socket or extend the line, if the baby accidentally bite the wire or pulling, it may shock burns; if electrical burns, in an emergency, you must first cut off the power supply or insulators will be removed, if in severe cases, respiratory or cardiac arrest, it shall immediately apply artificial respiration and cardiac massage CPR, treatment of electrical burn is different from burn, now without flushing, medical treatment can be sent directly. The flame burns the flame burns are rare, but in some special festivals, rituals, still heard, in particular, may cause the child to set off firecrackers, burning paper and other flame burns, a small area of the flame burns, the first time out, causing less damage. Because of相关的主题文章: