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UnCategorized Year after year the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences hands out the little golden Oscar statue that signifies excellence in the field of film making. The Academy Awards is something that is taken seriously year after year, but in the past ten years more and more people find that the Oscars are just not being taken seriously anymore. A .mon explanation for this is that many find the nature of the ceremony to be pretentious and way too fueled by bureaucracy as opposed to actual artistic merit. These feelings came to a boiling point at the 2009 Academy Awards when Christopher Nolan’s sequel to Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, did not receive a nomination for best picture, best adapted screenplay, or best director. Heath Ledger won a posthumous award for best supporting actor for his portrayal of the villain the Joker, but many have theorized that it was only a move to give Ledger the Oscar as to not upset anyone. Despite the rave reviews the film had, and the fact that at the time it was the number two blockbuster of all time, it was flat out snubbed. Then at the 2010 Academy Awards, there was an upset due to the fact that the winners were far too predictable. It seems that the Oscars is less and less of an event for film lovers. Here are three ways people have suggested the Oscars can be taken seriously again. 1 — Cut back on the pretentiousness. The Oscars have long been criticized for being too long, and for being snobbish. For example, the only time a horror film has ever been nominated for the award for best picture was the Exorcist, and that was in the 70s. The Academy Awards has shown year after year that genre films, no matter how well made, only deserve sound and visual effects awards. This is why some people believe the Dark Knight was not nominated for Best Picture. 2 — Level the playing field. The Oscars have long been accused of choosing movies based solely on either political agenda, if a win will be a landmark win or not, if a film was an unexpected hit. The basis of artistic and technical merit seems to be lost at the Awards ceremony. 3 — Allow non-academy movie goers to have a say. The reason for this is because while it is understood that the Academy Awards are chosen solely by Academy members, there should be some room for people who actually paid to see the movies to have somewhat a say. At least this way there would be fewer upsets. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: