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Broadband-Internet Building quality links to your website has always been one of the most difficult and tedious methods of search engine optimisation. Good quality links are hard to obtain and with reciprocal linking being devalued by popular search engines such as Google the task is getting even harder. A new free to use website called is poised to make link building easy once again. In 2006 its not often that a genuinely new idea appears on the internet but Pyramid Linking looks to be one of the big new sites of the year. With over 500 links exchanged between 100 users within hours of the sites unofficial launch its clear that webmasters are as keen as ever to build links. Each website that signs up is given a list of sites to link to. Once the links have been validated the site is added to the link queue and will receive twice as many links as it donated. The links obtained using the site are one-way static links in plain html so there are no scripts to install or tracking code to leave a footprint for search engines to detect. The links obtained are all relevant and, due to the nature of the program, are all of a higher PageRank than the links donated. An innovative referral program will give all users the opportunity to earn 5 extra links for each new user they refer. Pyramid Linking is run by a team of experienced programmers and SEO professionals with experience dating back to 1998. The site has been designed to be usable and offer maximum information about the program. Why not take a look at the .pyramidlinking.. website and see how easy it could be to build your links? It could be the best opportunity of the year for your website. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: