Hongkong retail turnover fell for eighteenth consecutive months, the clerk opened shop demonophobia

Hongkong retail trading volume for eighteenth consecutive months of decline the transition to open shop original title: "in front of the colder winter, Hongkong retailers do get together to learn the derivative of the retail industry in Hongkong recently it is" not the most cold, only more cold "retail sales in Hongkong fell after the National Day Golden week, many luxury shops in Hongkong Tsim Sha Tsui in Harbour City, the passenger is sparse, this is the Hongkong area for two years of continuous decline in the retail. As Miu Miu sales staff Chen Lin (a pseudonym) is worried about this month’s performance. In a training session, trainers recommend that we all use WeChat to do promotion and sales. Like most people in Hongkong, Chen Lin used the chat tool is Whatsapp, WeChat is not familiar with her. In the rush of the learning process, Chen Lin began to buy all had recorded Miu Miu members to send text messages to inform you the future, she will be in the circle of friends to do the promotion, hope love Miu Miu products, customers can support a lot. Chen Lin is not the first batch of Hongkong luxury micro business. As early as 1 years ago, Sasa in the work of Mei Xue (a pseudonym) has begun to engage in micro business work, and business has been very prosperous. Mei Xue told the "First Financial Daily reporters, Sasa encouraged all frontline sales staff to open WeChat account, and in the circle of friends from time to time to send product information, the company will be unified shipped from Hongkong, guarantee delivery of goods within 14 days, and through the" derivative "business model, sales staff can also earn a commission. Different from the micro business, whether customers are using WeChat or Alipay to pay, are unified with the company’s official account to receive money, and they will no longer increase. However, with the State Administration of Taxation announced tax levy is no longer ordinary cosmetics consumption tax, senior cosmetics from 30% to 15%, has entered the winter Hongkong retail industry will undoubtedly be a. Sasa, chairman and chief executive officer, said publicly that the news came too suddenly, may affect the company’s online shopping and retail business, which is a headache". Eighteenth consecutive months of decline: price cuts and layoffs are bound to be extremely cold. Since last year, Hongkong’s luxury market continues to play the people of the cards – Dior (Dior), Chanel (Chanel), Prada (Prada) are in Hongkong price. In September this year, the performance was very strong in the British luxury brand Burberry (Burberry), high price products in Hongkong on the part of classic handbag and autumn new shelves, the rate reached 10% to 15%. Still, Hongkong’s retail industry has been "not as cold as it is, but colder."". According to the Hongkong SAR government statistics data, the first half of this year, Hongkong’s total retail sales fell by more than 10.5%, is half the largest decline since 1999. In August, total retail sales in Hongkong amounted to HK $33 billion 900 million, down 10.5%. Hongkong SAR government spokesman pointed out that the current public spending will be cautious in the uncertain economic outlook in the case, and in August has been Hongkong retail Peng相关的主题文章: