Hongkong Customs seized 9 armored vehicles to Taiwan Singapore Foreign Ministry responded-pullip

Hongkong Customs seized 9 armored vehicles to Taiwan Singapore Ministry of foreign affairs to respond to the original title: Hongkong Customs seized Taiwan to Singapore armored vehicle Ministry of foreign affairs to respond to the Global Times reported [] "Hongkong customs to detain Singapore armored vehicles" going concern. Singapore’s Ministry of defence 25, once again issued a statement, said to be seized Singapore Star troops belong to nine Terrex armored vehicles, no ammunition or sensitive equipment, has been sent to Hongkong to follow up, to solve the security problem of equipment. At a press conference on the 25 th Chinese Ministry of foreign affairs, a reporter asked "Singapore and Taiwan maintain long-term military relations.". Does the Hongkong customs act according to the mainland’s advice? Has China expressed its dissatisfaction with Singapore’s military relations with Taiwan?" Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said that foreign personnel and goods entering and leaving the Hongkong Special Administrative Region should abide by the relevant laws of the Hongkong special administrative region. At the same time, the Chinese government has consistently opposed any form of official exchanges with the Taiwan region, including military exchanges and cooperation. Reuters 25 analysis said that Singapore has long maintained a low-key military relationship with Taiwan, allowing the U.S. military reconnaissance aircraft to enter and intervene in the South China Sea issue has aroused discontent in China, "in the current climate, this is China’s pressure on Singapore’s opportunity."". Editor in chief: GDN002

香港海关查扣台湾运往新加坡9辆装甲车 外交部回应   原标题:香港海关查扣台湾运往新加坡装甲车 外交部回应   【环球时报综合报道】“香港海关扣留新加坡装甲车”一事持续引起关注。新加坡国防部25日再次发表声明,称被查扣的新加坡星光部队所属九辆Terrex装甲车,没有装弹药或敏感设备,已派员前往香港跟进,以解决设备的安全问题。   在中国外交部25日记者会上,有记者提问“新加坡和台湾长期保持军事关系。香港海关此举是否根据内地授意?中方是否以此表达对新加坡同台湾保持军事关系的不满?”外交部发言人耿爽表示,外国人员与货物进出香港特区,应该遵循香港特区相关法律。与此同时,中国政府一贯坚决反对我建交国与台湾地区开展任何形式的官方往来,包括军事交流与合作。   路透社25日分析称,新加坡长期与台湾保持低调军事关系,允许美军侦察机进驻、介入南海问题都引起中国不满,“在目前的气候下,这是中国施压新加坡的正好机会”。 责任编辑: GDN002相关的主题文章: