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Royal Herborist? Five series of new muscle Hwan shocked the market – Sohu every woman dreams of youth presence, even if the passage of time, but still looks, let age be a secret, do the eyes of others forever "sister"! With time to your enemy, it must find suitable for Royal old products!   inherited the ancient classics, adhere to the "ancient + technology" concept, the Herborist five series for Royal? Hwan muscle shocked the market, to meet a higher level of consumer demand for the imperial age. From the "taixuan collection" "taixuan grass five Dan" and "food and drink" "take note of longevity Yuye paste", in which the use of classical Chinese Materia Medica, careful research and development "five party", and the use of muscle full of modern cutting-edge technology M3 microcapsule technology, wrapped in layers of active material, precise positioning, lasting slow release. Deep activate the skin, make skin young state, against the signs of aging. Royal Herborist? Five in September launched the first series of muscle Hwan 8 products, the formation of the imperial age front. The test shows that it can repair deep wrinkles, fine lines, wrinkles, wrinkles and other skin problems, enhance muscle bottom vitality, firming facial contour, skin repair time stamp. Royal see five lines, time retrograde *, so that women have no fear of the passage of time! Royal? Five series of technology into the ancient Hwan muscle, activate muscle bottom activity Herborist adhere to the "ancient + technology" concept, with modern technology of activate ancient Millennium wisdom for modern women to present more secure and effective beauty products. Citing "taixuan" taixuan grass collection "five Dan", and "take note" food and drink "longevity Yuye cream", Herborist inherited the ancient classic of the essence, the gold pearl, wood water ginseng, polygonatum, osmanthus and fire earth amber, five phase, integration phase students, synergistic effect; combination of M3 microcapsule technology, modern science and technology to activate the Millennium ancient legend, targeted in-depth repair muscle bottom, to achieve "firm and strong, supporting pattern" effect, can repair time traces, leave skin young state. M3 microcapsule technology full name Mimic Missile Micelle technology, is the simulation of Missile Oriented micro capsule technology, with the directional technology and multi layer packaging technology, the two major advantages. Specific orientation technology can accurately positioning, so that the active substances to penetrate into the skin more different locations, so that the effective ingredients into the skin, the effect of upgrading. While the multi-layer package technology, active components in the different layers of parcels, ensure no loss of activity at the same time, the skin can slow release effective substances, the effective substances lasting sequential release, play a greater effect. The layers of glow, targeting deep skin repair, activate muscle bottom skin vitality, repel the time stamp, the young state of the skin. Royal? Five Hwan muscle filigree inlay beauty, Chinese classical rhyme Royal? Five series of products not only shine muscle inspiration with more concise Chinese ancient, in the product packaging reflects the Oriental beauty. The whole series of break through the use of color, fine white porcelain and elegant gold together, Poxian series of high-end. Gazing at the bottle, the bottle cap can be noticed carefully designed sense of ups and downs, China expression of traditional "vivid" philosophy, flowing texture, unique ingenuity, the.相关的主题文章: