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Health is a duty! Sohu health editor: mercy reading (ID:cihuai_dushuhui) your health is not just your own, or your spouse, children, parents and siblings, is your family and family. Health, is a kind of responsibility! — the legend lived 257 years in the late Qing Dynasty famous doctor Li Qingyuan in the "health" readme said: "Mrs. Long Shou, but also the intrinsic strength of the. The vitality with thickness, poor living activities, although the intrinsic gas thickness, abuse and injure, also to promote." What is the length of life depends on the strength of the thickness, but even if the strength thick, abusing, will be lost. What is not to abuse and with a degree? He added: "diet, living, not overworked, so can the spirit club, stride over the age of 100." Reasonable diet, regular rest, not overworked, can form healthy and energetic, longevity is not difficult. On the other hand, is much abused. The key that hit in today’s society too many people. Nowadays, with the rapid development of society, the increasingly fierce competition and the improvement of people’s living standards, health problems are becoming more and more serious. The market continues to stimulate, high consumption, enormous pressure of life, so that many people are in a tight state for a long time, not concerned about their physical condition, too many people are in a state of sub-health. In recent years, frequent and sudden death from overwork news, "death from overwork" and even become a concept of people for having heard it many times, which shows how serious the problem is. Many people think that when young is to pay more, more money, which is to give the family a little more responsibility, but often overlooked the most important point – talent, career, money, health…… Health is the foundation and the first. Health is a responsibility, because health is not a person, it is love, parents, children, brothers and sisters of the big family. Few people would think of this, so there are so many tragedies. Even if the pressure and the inevitable factors, but if they have the attention and self-regulation, it will not be so serious. It is our duty to keep healthy. To assume this responsibility, we must fully understand the importance of health. When you have good health, you feel so ordinary, only when you lose it, you will know how precious it is. Many people work hard and fall back to their posts. The spirit of hard work is admirable, but in order to work overdraft body, sacrificing health is not only desirable, but also a kind of stupid. A person lost health, illness, not only their own pain, but also to bring a lot of burden on the family. Raising children, supporting the elderly, career and other major responsibilities, have become empty talk. Speaking of the importance of health, everyone off the reel, but in life, but because of the hard work of healthy people died, many people still indulge in unhealthy lifestyle, smoking, drinking, overeating, staying up late…… One kind of persuasion, but he What one says is plausible. my health, my own thing. The results of physical health problems, delayed!相关的主题文章: