He is a slag man version of Zhang Han also traced to cheating about gun fraud and Pianse (video) 9c8947

He is a slag man version of Zhang Han also traced to cheating about gun fraud and Pianse slag male version of Zhang Han was cheating fraud and Pianse Deng Chao: before the Tencent did not want children entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, the Taiwan star Zhang Han six months ago and linlifei cooperation to wipe out the fire, it is reported that two people are now living together. But recently, Zhang Han traced once you are about guns. According to reports, in fact, Zhang Han had a two-year relationship secret girlfriend C female, still eating linlifei, last month was caught cheating on C female, Zhang Han has said: "no contact", also said: "I’m going to have a new family, suspected and intend to marry linlifei, engage in it is genuine girlfriend C female very embarrassed. According to C female friends broke the news, Zhang Han in June of this year before and C woman went to Thailand Samui tourism, July two and August still have to meet, but in September Zhang Han completely lost contact, until October, C met Zhang Han and female linlifei together out of his home and found her boyfriend cheating, but he questioned Fanzao a cold shoulder, even anti choking relations between the two as early as June had ended. Whistleblowers accused of cheating Zhang Han, even, even the C woman money left off, is a slag male, not only often asked her many things, dinner dates are C female pay, every abroad accommodation is also paid around by her, had asked her to sponsor two hundred thousand (about 40 thousand yuan) to buy a camping car. But in the end it was so embarrassed, resulting in C women still can not out of love. In this regard, Zhang Han brokerage company responded, Zhang Han absolutely no cheating, as during the Zhang Han and C female contacts involve money, brokerage company said, a tango, girls most willing to pay, no need to take out after the break; linlifei belongs to "Yi Linyu Le said, not linked to her, temporarily unable to respond.相关的主题文章: