Grasp arbitrage good base underlying the suspension of shares who is the next GREE

Grasp arbitrage good base underlying the suspension of shares who is the next GREE? Each reporter Huang Xiaocong last week, the concern of GREE appliances, ushered in after the resumption of trading in a row, it is obviously based on the demand, makes a lot of investors in the resume trading after trying to grab a cup of soup. However, the amount of millions of hands on a single day, only two or thirty thousand of the transaction is unable to meet the needs of investors. Volcano wealth in the previous reports have been given to arbitrage by Shanghai China fund, part of the fund’s net worth rose even more than 2% days. In addition, similar to GREE, which has experienced a long period of suspension, as of now there is no resumption of stocks and how much? Like arbitrage investors can borrow "base" raw eggs? By the "base", the highest arbitrage rose over 2% according to Choice data show that as of the end of the two quarter, a total of 129 funds holding of GREE electric appliances are heavy, 7 more funds to achieve a "top", float capitalization ratio of total fund net over 10%, GREE electric appliances after the resumption of the performance of these funds is very obvious big. According to previous reports, volcano wealth (micro signal: huoshan5188) also gives three by radical arbitrage, including participation in the active management of shareholding fund, fund classification and ETF arbitrage, one of the most simple way to buy the active management of the fund. Generally speaking, in heavily loaded stocks after the suspension, the fund will make the corresponding adjustment to the valuation, and the suspension of the stock resume trading and trading characteristics reflect active market transactions, to restore the closing price on the valuation date. Most of the so-called valuation adjustment refers to the index of income approach, from February 19th to September 1st, AMAC electric industry index rose 17.77%. That is to say, GREE electric appliances after the resumption of two consecutive daily limit, actually had more than the industry index rose, but at this time due to not open limit, the potential return is not fully reflected in the net value of the fund, but the arbitrage model has opened. On Tuesday trading after the open, the fund began the valuation at the closing price, including GF Xin A bonds at the end of the two quarter positions accounted for the highest, reaching 3.76%, a net on September 6th to achieve a 1.16% increase. Mentioned in the previous focus on the selection of the Eastern Red mixed red and Oriental red data mixed with 1.88% funds in the day of September 6th rose more than 2.13% and respectively. Compared to the GF A early to suspend the purchase of bonds in Xin, Oriental red advantage selection of mixed and Eastern red Jingdong big data can easily buy on mixing is small and medium investors, that is to say, this is not difficult to achieve arbitrage. In addition, other funds Topix its collective hunting, also gain a more obvious increase, the East is red, red east Rui Yang Rui Feng respectively achieved 1.56% and 1.58% increase. In the classification of funds and index funds, the construction of the CCTV 50 and China Merchants finance CCTV index rose by more than 50 of the same day, more than 1%. These stocks can borrow or "base" eggs is not difficult to see, like this has obvious demand for stocks, with the suspension of events is really good, can borrow to obtain a certain profit based arbitrage. Volcanic wealth (also noted that the target.相关的主题文章: