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From Microsoft to the wisdom of bamboo, Jane wants to subvert all the robots – Sohu technology film "Her" in the artificial intelligence partner can really achieve it? After watching the film, we may feel like Her as smart robot is still a little far away from us. However, the former vice president of Microsoft Asia Academy of Engineering Jian Renxian has taken the first step in the exploration of the beginning of the development of an emotional gene to start the robot. For artificial intelligence, enthusiasm and vision, Jane and Xu Cheng, Hu Yang yen Yin co founded a company called Emotibot bamboo smart technology companies, they hope to make China market’s first artificial intelligence partner, and "Her" in artificial intelligence robot is the best companion model. Intelligent CEO between bamboo Jian Renxian said artificial intelligence partner, we may first think of a variety of chat robots or intelligent assistant products. But at present most of the robots will only talk funny, only based on the search service. And those robots have everyone should have a kind of experience, they often have a little clumsy, is not enough to show common. The reason why there is such a feeling, mainly because these devices are often unable to understand the context, no memory, and can not understand people’s intentions and emotions, and users can not produce stickiness. Jian Renxian and his team didn’t want to do that. In Jian Renxian’s view, interaction with others and interaction with machines can be the same, must also meet the user’s growing and pain points, can not only meet the emotional needs of people can also connect users service life, a sticky and helpful to people’s life. Emotibot bamboo inter intelligence to do is to have emotional genes, personal exclusive robot. The movie "Her" stills in the movie "Her", the protagonist can feel for a virtual machine, it is because the virtual machine can understand human emotions, but also can express their feelings. So, when the Emotibot bamboo intelligence to human-computer interaction between people as smooth as between people, it needs to make the machine can understand the context, the ability to remember, and the emotional factors into which. According to Jane yen Yin introduction, want to let the machine to achieve these three functions, to achieve two-way interactive, R & D personnel to use machine learning and deep learning, reinforcement learning, cognitive science and other advanced technology, but also can make the machines understand signal sounds, words, facial expressions, gestures and other people release out of the. This can be quite different from most of the current stay in the network corpus or simple search robot. Bamboo Emotibot has developed an advanced understanding of conversation (Conversational Understanding) system, for all users of the dialogue, do all kinds of information extraction, in order to fully understand the dialogue theme, emotion, intention, context, and can do a full range of insight into user portrait. In addition, the Emotibot dialog system uses a simulation of the brain’s operation and.相关的主题文章: