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Foreign media comment: "Snowden" no analytical solution of the characters "embarrassed as Joseph" entertainment Sohu revealed the U.S. government eavesdropping scandal, Edward – Snowden – Stone and creative director Olivier Joseph Xie Lin, embarrassed Wu Delei, Zachary Quinto, unveiled in Toronto (source – "Daily" the first screen compilation) expose the U.S. government eavesdropping scandal in 2013 Edward Snowden is a patriot, or a traitor? The disappointing part of Stone & apos; s latest biography is that the complexity of the problem is not fully controlled, although the topic is thought-provoking and the type is all powerful, and that it does not have to be able to control the complexity of the problem, which is the most important part of the new biography of Oliver. Joseph – Gordon – Leavitt Snowden meek appearance and calm wisdom was penetrating, but the hero’s portrayal of "Snowden" is not clear enough.     the 2014 movie about Snowden events "fourth citizens" won an Oscar, and just released "the Bourne 5" also touched the social anxiety, for the problem of privacy in the Internet age so, "Snowden" seems to be the advent of time. However, it is hard to say how attractive the film will be for the audience who do not care much about the issue. Joseph Snowden is a former embarrassed as analyst for the CIA and NSA, beginning of the movie, a hotel room he was hiding in Hongkong, and with him a documentary filmmaker Lara Perot Lennart (Melissa Leo ornaments), journalist Glen Greenwald (Zachary – Kunming Evans and Mike decoration) asker (Tom Wilkinson). Known as ed Snowden, will be revealed on the United States government eavesdropping information he mastered. From here, the film in a few people’s dialogue, Snowden’s background story, as well as his girlfriend and his girlfriend, Lindsay – (Xie Lin – Wu Delei), the issue of the relationship between the start of a cross narrative of the relationship between the. "Snowden" is the core element of the field of good at the Stone: the hypocrisy of the government, the United States, and the strength of the media. However, although the Oscar won the reward from the director of this no longer rely on its usual style of narration, instead, is a character analysis only occasional highlights. In "Nixon" and "the biography of George W. Bush" and other works, the life of the controversial role of the human nature of the color of the struggle, and created a rich layer of the figure of the people, and so on. However, "Snowden" seems to be a hero trying to love life to "explain" the mentality of the conventional biopic. Wu Delei played the girlfriend of Snowden sharp, lively, and the spark of passion and her boyfriend quiet beauty man image complementary, the two actors’ chemical reaction is also good. However, with a love story to sum up Snowden’s complex feelings about his highly classified intelligence work, seems to be too taken for granted. The film uses interleaved structure, interspersed between different periods of Snowden personal experience. The audience can see, when young, he had a desire to serve the motherland. After the 911 incident, he was enraged by the terrorist attacks and joined the army. He was wounded in the leg during the battle, and then transferred to the high-tech intelligence team against the enemy of the United states. Ai.相关的主题文章: