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Hongkong food culture exchange promote delicacy exhibition debut in the Wuhan film new network in the old tea restaurant, swept the streets of Hongkong snacks egg, authentic Hong Kong Style Mandarin tea…… 23, sponsored by the Hongkong SAR Government in the Wuhan Office of the "Hongkong world cultural blend taste?" Hongkong food culture tour’s first stop landed in Hubei Wuhan iicg shopping center. The scene of the exhibition to the traditional Hongkong street and tea restaurant for the design of the prototype, stepped into the venue as if in the 80s of last century in Hongkong, with its international and fashion image has been in sharp contrast. Exhibition in the form of pictures and physical form, through the introduction of the characteristics of Hongkong and the representative of the food and dishes, to the people of Hongkong to show the food culture of Wuhan, the historical development and the mainland and food culture. Hongkong is the intersection of East and west culture, is one of the world’s largest cities, which is also reflected in the diet culture, so Hongkong is also known as the food paradise". The Hongkong SAR government Wuhan office director Xie Qiwen said, pluralistic and inclusive can best embody the Hongkong diet culture, "this is the Hongkong attractions cover and contain everything". Xie Qiwen said that the Hongkong people say is "living? Food", which shows the importance of diet in Hongkong. All over the streets and lanes of tea restaurant, not only can enjoy authentic Hong Kong Style delicacy, more can feel the people of Hongkong and Hongkong, the rapid pace of life, people love to drink "soup" is a show of Hong Kong family. "The taste of Hongkong both rough Town, has its exquisite elegant side." Xie Qiwen said, Hongkong diet culture reflects the development process of Hongkong, different food often has a different story behind. I hope you will not only see the high-rise buildings in Hongkong, economic development, but also through the Hongkong cuisine, deepen understanding and understanding of Hongkong, Hongkong people’s way of life and culture. It is understood that the tour will be in Hubei, Hunan, Shanxi, Jiangxi, Henan and other 5 provinces in Central China, the city has been exhibited in 8. (according to China News Agency, Wuhan)相关的主题文章: